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God no no i mean i i i just i laugh because the the concept to me is like i i understand it i get it but it's just like to let it get to that point for me is like come on man the baseball game whatever it is like i remember. I tell you the the rams cowboys playoff game a couple of years ago in la. I mean it was a home game for us cowboys fans and i've watched before four kickoff. I watched two rams fans. Beat the shit out of each other in the stands. Like what do bit this dudes face. Jared like bleeding out of his face. I made a tick talk of it and i mean it's bad but like i'm just thinking to myself like what got you is point and like for me. I always think you know fucking long. It took me to get here like traffic and shit like to do what you do. A bucket fistfight in the stands because some asshole likes their team a lot. More than i like buying. I guess i don't know. Yeah i mean. I think don't always about phantom. No because i know like some of the videos i saw like the dude in the dodgers out the stands the astros fan like he did nothing from what from the script or from the clip of the video. That i saw he hadn't physically done anything to anybody and a dodger fan who was talking shit and chanting or whatever finished their little chant by hitting the dude on top of the head like on his hat like not punching him like like tapping the top of his head. And like that right there. Like that's all the motherfucker needs. You know what i mean. That's that's all dude needs so if you're going to oblige man you gotta know that's coming but again to get to that point south fighting people stop just fucking game. Everyone's excited fans back. You got a good team was fired up about only seventeen. Can we address. What can we address the line for. Max scherzer.

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