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Doesn't magic the magic liberal welcome to the second episode of flintoff savage and the ping pong guy that's me by the way side we will come up with some meaty sporting issues to go teeth into some fantastic topics but before we get there let's just talk about the last few days what we've been up to each of us i'll start by saying that i've been researching my next book took a week off from the times it sounds tracking league stuck in a library what about you about you must he was being stuck in a library to learning to read he's definitely the other blow dry say well here i've been doing i've been retweeting tweeting all the puzzle if covets our right right i'm glad you might my week has consisted of i went to scotland if i'm if a three days to what woman coming out it's beautiful however my trip was spoilt by u2 how well last week did you listen to a word i said i did this hard hits in peace on social media about the doosan social media one of the things i said was if someone puts a compliment ope do not re tweets it all i seen these re tweets from robbie savage where people have said maybe i've got it wrong about europe maybe not a bird so i've just been listed my few sade oh that book again no mrs lewis the book you tweeted on twitter la tweet on twitter you know we need to hear about this from my book right the mrs sumo is go books thinking she's been midlife murphy created a monster she's causing every two minutes she saying we meet my coming out for dinner it'd be a meeting of minds he said don't worry about rubber you can stay but that's that's what she's been going on about black books then kids you think donald open university degree in psychology she's i see toy of doing you know stick a dvd of he man the master of the universe back to last week we'll be describing me as skeletal was slightly what have you been up to robie anything no i've been was football street must you the gym up ma wasn't there he was in scotland with the family so it was just a quiet wheat really yesterday was a plot by my new with schools in on the touchline that'd be flat cappon look at absolutely sensation through fair it was a big caps to get ahead today's that was it was in two minds must you do i go full on full quiff all flat cap an flat out i saw you on the tell you thought it worked really levels gobi you'll get a kick off in in the debate this is a really really interesting but i'm quite surprised he does it does it about about resting place leicester city rested ten plays in the fa cup the question your asking is twofold one wire football is tired and to what sport takes the most out of you three why of football is soft fatty phase ready for this my so i've looked at it matthew right and so when i played and i'm sure when freddie was impressed at a matthew would in the clubs of oxford on the ping pong tables i looked at it as a kid is to go out the house at nine o'clock and i wouldn't get it in silhouette doc dad used to come to the plainfield said go on.

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