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Expecting about five inches of snow there in the Duluth area today the bomb squad adding a new third baseman yesterday deep left center failed it's a four year ninety two million dollar deal between Josh Donald said in the Minnesota Twins and includes a fifth year team option that could push a contract over one hundred million dollars Donald since deal comes after the twins announced a three year contract extension with Miguel said I want to stay which includes thirty million dollars in guaranteed money mark fry a news talk eight three oh WCCO much more on this throughout the day today tonight on the twins hot stove show anymore there as well and gets underway at six you're on your home of the twins always seek a police officer shot in the head last week remains in critical condition Reverend Caleb early at hope church in Albert Lea providing an update yesterday via Facebook been able to answer questions through a thumbs up or a squeeze officer Eric Manson remains in stable condition doctors are getting a better look at his injuries anymore answers and able to do more testing as to everything that has happened inside of Eric's body a go fund me for matching his raise nearly one hundred seventy thousand of a two hundred fifty thousand dollar goal a new report finds that nearly half a million Minnesotans are drinking tap water contaminated with elevated levels of pollutants the report includes data from the Minnesota department of health indicating the more than one hundred fifty thousand Minnesotans drink water from from ground water based public water systems contaminated with nitrate at or above the legal limit the study was done by the environmental working group Serra porters co author of the research nitrate as a common chemical that comes primarily from agricultural runoff in the form a commercial fertilizer or menu where that went down in crops each year this is a common problem throughout Minnesota as well as much of the Midwest the news comes as the state implants into ground water protection rule the first of its kind in the nation to stem the farm pollution that is the primary cause of that contamination new this morning a couple big Twin Cities businesses posting earnings today Minnetonka based United health group reporting a sixteen percent profit jump in the fourth quarter as the nation's biggest health insurer ended twenty nineteen by topping quarterly earnings expectations again but the company missed forecasts for revenue a bill reaffirm profit expectations for the year it was a different story at target where their stock went down over nine dollars a share in premarket trading after that retailer reported that they miss their mark on holiday sales up just one point four percent compared to five point seven percent a year ago they say toys and electronics sales were flat or underwhelming the articles of impeachment will be transferred from the house of the Senate today after speaker Nancy Pelosi names the impeachment managers who will make the ceremonial walk to the other chamber CBS is Nancy quarters on Capitol Hill as there is new evidence that could influence Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision about calling witnesses for the trial has said that the trial is going to start next week and new evidence indicates the lengths that some of the president's allies were apparently willing to go to to dig up dirt on the bindings and those links may have included tracking a U. S. ambassador we will have coverage of this throughout the day today will keep you updated with constant updates WCCO news time is nine oh four is your ex Surgeon weather forecast on news talk eight threo WCCO good morning again my click here Lissie seal weather center what's like less than an inch of snow today probably whiny dumb by mid to late afternoon temperatures falling this afternoon into the teens and to turn a little bit windy those winds were getting colder air by morning down to seven below and tomorrow sunny Ohio five above and heads up Friday right through Saturday morning could be ten to twelve inches of snow again our high today twenty three falling temps this afternoon thanks Mike right now over cast nineteen degrees here news talk a three oh WCCO from the release traffic centre ways traffic it's been a good day brought to you by a query is home services thirty five W. south bound at fiftieth St Albert city crews are on the scene of this accident blocking the two left lanes over to one hundred north out before Vernon Avenue another accident there a spin out accident a factor here to sixteen eastbound before.

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