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Today is Christmas Eve throughout the docks. Christians and this year in Ukraine. Many of them will receive a gift they've long desired. It's a document called a Thomas signed by the white-bearded ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew it grants. Ukraine its own internationally recognized branch of the orthodox faith. That means independence from Moscow's control. Not surprisingly, the Russian Orthodox church is not pleased. A young woman who was trying to flee to Australia from her family in Saudi Arabia says her passport has been seized by a Saudi embassy official in Thailand stranding her at the main international airport in Bangkok Jonathan head reports RAV Muhammed Al Coon says she was on a day trip to Kuwait with her family when she fled two days ago and took a flight to Bangkok she told the BBC, she has renounced Islam and fears. She will. She killed by her family is sent back to Saudi Arabia on arrival in Bangkok. She says she was met by a Saudi embassy official who seized have passport by force preventing her from connecting to a flight to Australia in April two thousand seventeen and other Saudi woman was stopped in the Philippines, while in transit and forcibly returned to Saudi Arabia where she is believed still to be in detention delay in announcing the results of last Sunday's presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to be confirmed within hours the election commission says it's meeting today after which the head of the commission will speak to the media. He said on Saturday that preliminary results would be spawned until next week that prompted criticism from foreign governments and the Roman Catholic church in the DRC world news from the BBC police in Pakistan say one man was shot dead and three others injured during a violent clash between two religious groups over control of a mosque in Karachi one sect. Handed administrative control of the sites by a local court. Police said overnight a group of up to two hundred men from a rival sect attach those inside the mosque the Afghan high peace council has asked the government to refrain from taking part in the next round of US-backed peace talks to be held in Saudi Arabia later this month. A spokesman for the council said it would not take part in negotiations that were not managed and moderated by Afghans are South Asia editor ambarassing at Arusha and reports the Afghan high peace council about your elders a setup to oversee piece of I with the Taliban insisted that the government should hold face to face talks with the militant group during the early round of US supported peace negotiations held in the United Arab Emirates, the Taliban refused to engage with the Afghan government, which they regard as a puppet of the US that our concerns in Kabul that the government could be sidelined in the name of any possible deal with the Taliban..

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