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As you beef patties. LV lettuce cheese pickles, Newson's meme. That was going to be like five sixty McDonald's chicken mcnuggets start with Greg. Let's go to hundred eighty five to eighty five j eight hundred John how many mcnuggets are in the order. I think it's nine it's been awhile since I've ordered. Hi, greg. Greg say two eighty five forty five I'll go to eighty six. What was your number eight hundred Jay is the winner on that one twenty two hundred and ten calories. What that has nineteen hundred on that has to be a, wow, that's gotta be like a twelve there's or receive fried. It's of Chit yet. That's got to be a bigger order. Are they chicken? Chicken. All right d-, Wendy's bacon. Ater fries should be French fries. Covered with bacon. Start with J four hundred four hundred go to John. Six fifteen six fifteen Greg. It's higher. So six sixteen six six Birdman. You didn't see is the winner. Five hundred ninety calories only four hundred ninety calories in the Wendy's, bacon enterprise. All right, Domino's Kelly chicken bacon ranch hand tossed pizza. So I've not ordered this myself. I assume that's a Domino's pizza covered with bacon chicken and ranch dressing..

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