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And the dope grabbed that new person that now to do business with you know what i mean so it's other just doing one on one business transactions with everyone but what about a guy like jorge mas will he does a lot of the things that we just mentioned but the ufc kinda doesn't really back him that much noticed business instead african guy said australia koa tune in china uh that are that to you here's the other the other statement holding fighter call device he dropped i dunno aside that i think fighters don't like is a guy like tomorrow's man who in his eyes i'm win invites i'm doing my job maybe you don't like the way i'm doing it but do you need to go out and do reverse of a pub in me up and make him you look stupid people meet they an economy that adam like the way this guy i don't like ladylike thirty wearing limping or eight percent now i mean that's kind of contradictory to trying to promote your guys to at i think that's why they get upset all right at the end of the game the guy with commissioner the nfl half the promote all of his athletes amisi up the really promoting them going to promote the league he does he do and i think with dana does i i don't know that dina past do he should even half do and i don't think if he doesn't it's like it's like a mortal sin because show me where the businesses doings bad i mean i think he's saying well wait a minute the way we've been doing businesses kind the working out but does the promoter come out and say well yeah baltimore one seven three whatever let's move on the next week morality got he that they don't do that right but a lot of times you ask the commissioner what do you think about the subaru it'll be a great game between two teams that have been established in the nfl uh and the patriots going you know for the second time in their third time for years it's quite an accomplishment you know at si yeah and so who tunes into that who who really turns into the nfl press conferences no one that i know of none of my friends whether they're hardcore football fan or even cattle fans i think you get a couple snippets here from that media day.

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