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Well, he's lying. We need to get more Republic. Maury Povich is Maury Povich. These the put Dave Gettleman owned a lie detector, and is going to say that lie detector says that you're lying. That's not true. Listen, what's crazy is? He doesn't have to prove anything to anyone like he doesn't OAS an explanation which I think he said off season. I don't have to get up here. An answer your guy's questions, which he doesn't it wasn't going to be buffalo. Right. Because they drafted a quarterback last year. It wasn't going to be Jacksonville. Because Jacksonville got Nick foes in that they said is not going to be a Washington, then who was going to be Dave listen, I already told you all of this week last week. He. Jack Nicholson Jack Newson didn't lie on a deported. The people he did whatever the heck he wanted and he lived life. And so for me is just it's thinks on be honest. Greenie, the whole thing around it smells funny to me. And it's not good because he knows he messed up. Right. He thought that this was going to go over and people were going to be okay with it. And he wasn't going to be questioned about it. Because that was his guy all you need to say at the UC, Pat Shurmur sit up there. He gave pet shirl over by the pig was so bad. Pat Shurmur was so destroyed knowing he's gonna lose his job because you drafted Daniel Joe's the man had an over by any didn't have one last season. And so for me when I look at this pig when I look at the way, Pat Shurmur is literally right now he's thinking to himself. I losing my job the mayor has over by this may coaching league forever. He's had braces Envisat live. We've got his jaw broken and fix and all of a sudden he has over by because. They've made a terrible pick, and he just will own it own it big Gettleman say I've made the pick because he was my guy identified my quarterback. I'm happy I have him. But he can't say that because it's a lie. Greenie, stop lying to the people. I don't even want to move to something else. I'm enjoying this much. But let's get to the Steelers your former team. Okay. Because now we can see the exact return. They got the Tonio Brown trade. Right. So they got a three and a five four AB those picks from Oakland. And here's what they got. They took Toledo's Deontay Johnson. Who was the first MAC wide receiver? The Steelers drafted since Antonio and then with the fifth rounder. They took Zach gentry who is a titan out of Michigan. So how would you say how would you assess that trade now that I guess we see it? And it's so talent over the last six years. Tonio Brown is the most prolific statistical wide receiver of all time. You're not going to replace him with the third and a fifth rounder. And we knew that when the trade was made we all. Knew that it wasn't enough compensation for Antonio Brown. The player, but getting rid of rid of Tonio round the person as Mike Tomlin say to this week in the trae window. It was cleanse. Right. He said it was a Clinton's. If you will. He also said at the owners meeting it's about having good people in our locker room. And I think the movie was more important for that reason than it is for the title of compensation you get in return for Tonio. Well, so I mean think about it again think about what you're hearing these teams saying, Pittsburgh, they're saying it's a Clinton to get rid of Antonio Brown in New York when asked if they had a culture problem the answer more about Odell, but has any team ever lost more talent than the Steelers did this off season and got less in return Leno belt might be the best one anybody's golden might be the best receiver. Absolutely not for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you look at the talent that they've lost. A definitely didn't get in return..

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