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We're in a position this year were anybody's word, nor should they be the sense in here is that's everybody else's probably you know, we're in a different position. We have our team. We have an empty roster spot. So we might add somebody. But I think the chances of us making a trader highly unlikely probably tell you the same thing. But I don't sense at any of our guys are sort of counting down to Thursday and nervous about it. I think it's it's more for other teams to have to. Yeah. Dave just whispered in my ear. But he's right. Bob Myers is only made one in season trade since he's been GM of the warriors back in. Two thousand fourteen the warriors traded Kent bays more. And Marshon Brooks for Steve Blake to be their their veteran backup point guard as the the in season trae. Bob Myers had made that would have been right around. The trade deadline. Wasn't that the guy Blake who Machado stepped on his foot thinking Steve Pearce, Steve Steve Pearce? Thank you. Somebody by the text line says ninety five I think Machado's, quote, I'm not Johnny hustle line is affected his market value. Plus, he's a d yeah. I totally disagree with you because hunter Pence is Johnny hustle. Charlie hustle. Whatever you wanna call him. And and he's not signed intervene. Just just being a hustle guy isn't good enough. If you hit three hundred and you hit thirty home runs, and you played gold glove caliber third base. Nobody cares. Nobody cares. The guy's not John rocker, the guess, I'm making racist comments. Nobody cares. You might slide in spikes a little bit at second base players. My care GM's don't care. He's not Julian Edelman, he's not going to get suspended for four games. Yeah. God forbid and then win himself a Super Bowl MVP look. Bob Myers checked in about some things of borders might do in the buyout market. We'll hear from Bob Myers. And you made a pretty confident statement about the status of the team. Heading into this offseason. So we'll get into some of that sign. We'll continue to take your texts.

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