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Of the sounds from at t park tonight hobby by is the inside the park job that came with two outs in one on in the top of the sacking it it out in the triples alley took a horrible balance for carlos moncrieff and then it rolled in the rightfield corner and because obviously it was out into deep rightfield there was nobody tobacco moncrieff so he had to run down he actually who a missile the whole play they almost god by as it was a close play giants thought about possibly challenging it but upon the replay by as did side in there really nice slide by hobby biased twonothing cubs on the inside the park home run that was just a fourth non giant avenue inside the park home run at at t about this fernando vina was the first man moons ago and then if you're member each euro did it in the allstar game back in two thousand in seven that was the first inside the park home run in allstar game history in and as became the first cubs shortstop davin inside the park bomb since dawn sgr beckoned 1971 anybody know dunk sgr dave jiangsu grew up in that era yet dave says yup the nok necktie in effect and he does know who don't cast singer is and then of course he heard that other highlight in the third inning john j on third base actually more gets the strike out on wilson contrasts but the ball kicks away from posy and more got a late jumped cover in home plate and you you can't have that if you're matt moore and at times more has looked kind of like a disinterested party and as a professional pitcher filling your position is just part of your job and that will not endear you to bruce bochy so i ask you a couple of things tonight at away eight away camyar fred nomme from the game first matt moore you know one school of thought is look if the.

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