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The biggest news for your New York giants is that reports are that giants will hire Patrick Graham Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins for that same job with the giants little bit later we will talk to just in higher of SP nations. The finsider are Miami. Dolphins website with his impressions wins his thoughts of Graham in what the giants are getting in a defensive coordinator. And before we do that I wanted to talk a little bit about About my thoughts on this this decision. myself listen. I understand that people are looking at the fact that this guy coached or was defensive coordinator for the first time a year ago and that the Miami Dolphins Defense was by most statistical ranks by most of the numbers is that you'll find was the worst defense in the NFL. I get that but listen. I think that you kind of have to throw that out the window when it comes to Patrick. Graham Graham Look at the situation that the dolphins were in first year head coach completely blowing up their roster and rebuilding situation where they had a very very very young very poor roster in two thousand and nineteen situation where they simply couldn't have been expected to be a really good team. I mean a couple of the guys who played a fair amount of snaps for the dolphins in two thousand and nineteen were former giant avery. Moss informer giant defensive. Tackle John Jenkins since two guys who couldn't make the giants roster and ended up being guys who played a fair amount of snaps in Miami. That's just an example of the fact that that Graham wasn't working with much in Miami you couldn't really expect him to To turn that into a functional donal average or better than average defense in one season when he simply had nothing to work with. I know that people look at if that resume and they say oh God you know how. How can he be the guy? How can he be the defensive coordinator in? I'm reminded of the last a couple of defensive coordinators that giants had when the giants hired James Becher. Everyone was excited and they were excited because as of the resume because of the fact that I think in three of his four years as Arizona coordinator maybe it was all three years. Becher had coached. Defenses that we're in the top ten in most statistical categories while he was in Arizona. Well what we found out was really that it was about the players. That James Bet your had in Arizona. He had Chandler Jones in Arizona. He had Patrick Peterson in Arizona. He had callejas Campbell in Arizona. He had dominant players across the board. He Got Marcus Golden. who had a good year for the giants in two thousand Nineteen Marcus golden before his knee injury so he had in Arizona tremendous players Dion Buchanan? Who again came to the giants you you know? As a free agent in the middle of two thousand in nineteen he had the owned Buchanan. When Dion Buchanan was younger and Wendy owned Buchanan was at his best? I own Buchannan did okay for the giants in some areas in two thousand and nineteen in a few games that he played for New York but he's not the same player that he was so what we found out with James Becher over the two years that he was pat. Shurmur defensive coordinator is really that it wasn't about bechers scheme. It wasn't about Becher being some sort of extraordinary teacher or some sort out of extraordinary defensive coach with with some sort of Of of reinvent the wheel kind of scheme it was about the players players that played for James Becher more than anything about becher himself. And when I think about that I think about former giants defensive coordinator in current in Kansas City chiefs coordinator Steve Spagnolo Spagnolo. The second time that he was hired by the giants was brought in you know in. I believe it was Tom. Coughlin's last year as head coach of the giants. He was brought in the hopes that that he could bring back some of the success that he had in his first tour with the giants and Spagnolo said I remember sitting in a press conference with with spags early in the spring. Might have been the first time that we get a chance to talk to him and he said look he said. I'm not a miracle worker. He said coaches are not miracle workers. We can only work with the players that we have and do the best that we can you know his point was. It's about the talent it's about the players you can't make players. You're more talented than they are. You can work with them you can. You can put in your schemes you can put Indian your blitz packages. You can put in your different your different things but if players can't execute them if they don't have the talent to to make the plays then there's nothing that you as a coach can do. You can try to put him in position but if they don't have the ability to get into position if they don't have the ability to make the play if they don't have the ability to do what you're asking them to do then you know then then you're gonNA look bad as a coach because if you don't have talent no matter what you do as a coach. It's not going to work. There are certain things that you can do due at times to maybe get by but on a week to week game to game basis owed played a play over a full season. If you don't have really really good players you're going to get exposed as defense as an offense no matter what it is. Is it so think about what Patrick Graham was working with in Miami. He wasn't working with a whole lot. He didn't have any dominant players on that defensive side of the ball so I'm inclined to look at it and and just throw the statistics out the window. Oh I'm looking at it and thinking Joe Judge once guys he says he wants. Teachers not presenters. Am I a little bit concerned about about the idea that that the dolphins with Brian Floor as a guy who also came out of Miami like Joe Judge you know. I'm a little concerned that the dolphins were willing to to let Graham make this lateral move. Sure but judge and Graham. Graham have a relationship built on a few years working together in New England. So I'm going to at this point simply trust the the Joe Judge knows what kind of coach Patrick Graham is. Graham did a good job in his two years with the giants on the defensive line seemed to in the few times I got to talk to him. Seem to know his stuff seemed to have a good relationship with players. Seem to have a good idea what he wanted to do with them. What he wanted to get out of them obviously coaching a position? It's a little bit more difficult to judge exactly what you know what a coach does because we don't get to see work on a day to day basis. We don't get to be the meetings. We don't get to see how they're teaching players. You know what they're teaching players we. We just see the end result on Sunday. And sometimes we don't know if that's simply a result of players not being good enough or you know or of them. I'm simply not being taught correctly. So it's it's really difficult at times to judge the work of a position coach but I'm inclined to to look at this higher by like Graham or higher of Graham and say yes it it sounds like a risk but just because there isn't a long long deep resume of success in just because his one year as a coordinator statistically doesn't look good. I'm not not going to to look down on this higher or trash this higher. I'm going to be optimistic. That Joe Judge knows what kind of head coach or what. What kind of coordinator Patrick Graham can be in it? Graham will bring the kind of defensive philosophy the kind of teaching philosophy V that judge wants to install with the giants. You know in the other thing. Let's talk a little bit about the other. Two coaches that the the giants have reportedly decided to retain from Pat Shurmur staff. We saw reports in recent days that judge will retain wide receivers cevers coach Tyke Tolbert and special teams coordinator Thomas mcgahey and now. If you ask me I think those are absolutely excellent joint decisions by judge. I think that those two gentlemen quite possibly where the best coaches on Pat Shurmur staff Thomas. McGee he is a really good special teams coach. He's a veteran. Special teams. Coach didn't excellent job in Carolina. has done an excellent job with the giants over two seasons seems like a real stand-up guy. Seems like a guy that that knows how to reach players players that does a good job adapting to situations to be really honest with you looking at the path of Joe Judge as special teams mm scored Nadir Looking at the you look at John Harbaugh special teams coordinator who became a head coach. It would not surprise me if somewhere. We're down the line. Thomas mcgahey begins to get some interest from teams for head coach interviews. The other guy who the giants it's decided to keep was wide. Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert now. He's a popular guy. He's an energetic guy. He's a guy who players love to work with guy who's done this job as wide receivers coach successfully for a number of organizations for the past fifteen in sixteen years. Something like that another really good decision by judge to keep Tyke Tolbert. I thought in a begin to build his coaching staff. Obviously you know. We're really curious at this point what judge is going to do who for an offensive coordinator what he's going to do for an offensive line coach. Those are two really critical. Hires coming up. Hopefully we'll get some more information on on knows as the week progresses giants fans right. Now let's take a quick break for a word from our sponsors. When we come back I will be talking with Justin in higher of the finsider about the decision to hire Patrick Graham? I'm Songwriter Charlie. Hurting and I'm musicologists. Nate Nate Sloan where the host of switched on pop podcasts about the making and meaning of popular music every week Charlie and I breakdown the most interesting hits trends and artists to understand what they're doing.

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