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Song that is well that's it's going to be her and Gary Kleck junior all right reserved and that is just such a beautiful song and then the foo fighters ripped through a boisterous pop bluff populate the Billboard and then they did an extra rob version of Darling Nikki which you know is gonna get kinda yeah and they covered that signed but fifteen years ago the foo fighters they did didn't yeah I and in Dave Grohl told the audience I don't know the prince like to tap my and then the time came out and I guess Morris day was clad head to toe in white leather pants leave your gloves and they did a course jungle of cool in the bird Dan gal who's looking sinewy old mom he did I would die for you which I guess brought the audience to its feet and then has he ended up doing a flawless split all in under prince rinse and earth wind and fire did falsetto adore all with Philip Bailey do in the shadows he's amazing yeah and then Naomi Campbell and misty Copeland were a couple of the people that introduced various performance as a huh and I guess misty toured with prince at one point really yeah and then the other highlight that and we're going to see in this special on April Saint Vincent did controversy what S. did nineteen ninety nine John legend performs nothing compares to you all that will be adults thanks a lot of great performers in this now that you're talking about this I am super entry I to it sooner than later common does sign of the times yeah that's a great song for him back does raspberry beret which I could totally see Coldplay's Chris Martin performs with Susanna Hoffs the manic Monday with wrote for the bangles and I think he was having a thing with Xander half probably yeah you guys probably and the tape being close with an all star rendition of the prince classic baby I'm a star and Chris usually II was part of this of performance and she was the cold musical director with Ken Ehrlich south cool excited for that yeah so that's in April and the Maya Rudolph prince tribute band is called princess princess yeah something not operate audio quality but let's see thank you you got to watch is using yeah yeah for in like this and they've done it for years and cursed they both have kids or whatever right yeah that so your outfits are leasing hobby to have just have a little print yeah.

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