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Andrew lloyd webber and members of the estreet band uh it is now been extended i understand well one to twenty ag twenty into june i ghozi demands short because of demand i am not sure what a ticket prices are they strolled or quite high quiet high us and this the show is completely scripted which is something that you don't expect though of bruce springsteen a expected to be kind of spontaneous kind of you know spur the moment let's do this song let's do that song by apparently everything to songs are all in the same order every night everything is kind of scripted what he talks about between the songs apparently is the same every night because this is a broadway show right if naidoo springsteen cancer in their daughters of different have you see it uh come on get an anti address the full disclosure yeah it's great to have you that's great i think it's really great because he can you know you sound like you you've been that's i've heard is fantastic yeah i'd see it again at excellent excellent good luck getting tickets but you might be able to as a celebrity that you were so you know one of springsteen's most iconic albums was greetings from asbury park tariffs layton this summer however we experienced what i like to call greetings from island beach state park if you recall burt a state budget dispute led to the state government shutting down just before the fourth of july i recall but that was made even worse when images surfaced of governor christie and his family enjoying the weekend island beach state park well all of the other state parks including not one were closed so as they send this became a real buzzed term this year bad opd at young i friend actually i see the picture that with him and his beach chair yeah right our surrounded by his family crazy and the and a lot of people forgot that the governor actually has a residence at island beach they parkway with the.

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