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And that big swaggie. Marcus spears is ready to go as well. He's going to provide security for some quarterbacks out there and speaking of quarterbacks we begin with the show last night ain't titletown lambofield aaron rodgers and the reeling packers off. But we guan disaster taking on the lions and the lions came to play last night middle of the second quarter. Seven seven game. Jared goff looking for tj hodkinson naked. The corner marrying is some good news in in the second. But that gives a dime a hell of a ball. From jared goff. Hopkinson had eight catches on the night. Lions up fourteen seven but back. Calm the packers down in swearing area. The fourteen yard line. It's aaron aaron jones down to the goal line and stopped short right there so they go to the two minute warning. They come right out and why not go. Aaron to aaron again for the second touchdown of the night roll past never fails on the goal line. Nice job aaron to aaron once again celebrating heinz field over detroit. Up three at the half. Now you're about to see too unreal throws from allen. Rogers here's the first. That's not fair the db's doing all they can do. You just got going. Shake his hand after that one in lineup. Try to stop again. But the problem is when this might even be better target for the touchdown here might be better. How about that diamond. Wait till you see the other angle. Eric can't even see who throw into at that. He's my own safety. Dan standards not too many in history. Look he knows it. Packers up twenty one seventeen next line drive four fourth and one. They're going forward and they don't pick it up. I like the idea to go forward but the dv up. I love to see that from a young guy like stokes and that turn the opportunity over. And i look at this play rogers off balance davante adams off balance. You need to see both ends of this again. That's just two all pros that has thought that's called having faith in confidence and your plate maker. Put it in the field and let them work. Rogers with wrote for two fifty five and four touchdowns including this one here for aaron jones is third of the game and the bakken starting to pull away and then it gets ugly on a rainy night next play. Jam saturday we got a wet ball. And we got a fumbled snap. Do wet ball drill. This is no joke with pregnancy with peyton manning in indianapolis. You've got to do it. Don't the ball at a five gallon bucket. That ball hits the quarterback hands splits right through some all here. Golf balls dr jeff. Something like that. There's jones again taking a name. For his record tying four touchdown of the game as many as anyone ever had on a monday night lodgers in the packers get right. They pull away and win. I think that there's there's even more now than when i started playing this. So many overreactions. That happened on a week-to-week basis. So it's nice to to come out have a good performance and get the trolls off back for at least a week. I think people like to say a lot of and it's nice to come back in here after a game like that. What well isn't that interesting..

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