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And fortunately, if some of this evidence had come to light before their trials they might never have been convicted of kidnapping and murdering Laura Henderson MAC appealed, his conviction. But the appellate court found against him on every issue, many of the appeal issues dealt with hearsay evidence. The judge allowed by classifying it as under the excited utterance. Rule. I don't have the legal expertise to discuss these issues. But I will point out a few glaring inconsistencies with the evidence as well as the changing testimony of some key witnesses, and the questionable conduct of the Kodiak depletes department as I mentioned earlier this case was tried in Anchorage. And I think this venue, hurt the defendants because jurors not familiar with Kodiak island roses, stem missed, one of the biggest problems, the prosecution had with their case, the time line with perfect road conditions in good vehicle. It takes a proximity one hour and fifteen minutes to drive round trip from where Laura was last seen, and Kodiak to the end of the road Manashe Kobe, where police and prosecutors claim MAC toss. Laura's body off the cliff the speed limit on the road was fifty five miles per hour at the time of Laura's disappearance MAC had an old van and because the drive shaft was wired to the transmit. Shen. It would not go faster than thirty five miles per hour. Furthermore, according to one Kodiak police officer, the roads were very icy the night, Laura disappeared, and it was nearly impossible to drive more than five miles per hour, yet the prosecution put one witness on the stand who testified she saw van matching the description of max van in Kodiak at nine thirty five and another witness who claimed he saw the white Dan on the road near Manashe Kobe ten to twenty minutes later. It is impossible. Matt could have covered the distance from Kodiak to Manashe bay in such a short amount of time in his ban on those roads. Furthermore, Laura was last seen alive at nine pm, a maximum back into his dorm by ten pm at the latest. How could he have murdered Laura driven all the way to Menasheh bay drug her body to the cliff Tostao into the ocean, and then driven back to town in less than an hour? It's an impossible theory, al-roub will the private investigator, who supposedly follow Laura at night claimed. He last saw her at nine pm. He then went to tell Matt Damon Laura's attorney, he lost track of her Jae, men and ruble. Then admit they saw Jack ibox sitting in a bar between nine thirty and ten pm. So I back also did not have time to drive to Manashe Kobe to dispose of Laura's body. The police were convinced MAC and kirwin toss. Laura's body off the cliff Menasheh bay. But in order to throw her off the Menashe. Kobe cliff the two men had to somehow propel the body of a one hundred and fifty pound or sixty eight kilogram woman straight out from the cliff over distance fifty feet or fifteen point two meters declare the rock outcropping. So she will land in the ocean before max. I trial his attorney asked two men to attempt to throw a sack filled with a hundred and fifty pounds off the cliff and they couldn't do it. The sack ended up on the side of the mountain. The attorney tried to enter the demonstration as evidence but the judge ruled it in it missile, the television show inside edition. Televised a segment on this case and traveled to Kodiak to recreate the prosecution's theory of how the body had been tossed off the cliff into the ocean. They proved it was not possible for two men to. One hundred fifty pound body, fifty feet horizontally before it began to plummet into the ocean after Jim Kerr was acquitted in his first trial. The prosecution suggested MAC through the by op cliff by himself, which is even more impossible. I mentioned earlier, how close similar to those worn by lower the night, she disappeared conveniently washed up in the surf near Manashe obey months, later Manashe bay like most areas of Kodiak island gets pounded by surf and storm surges not to mention the motion of large tidal fluctuations in the area. It is highly unlikely, the clothes would have stayed in one place for such a long time. The clothes recovered from the surfer not faded when they were found and one police officer admitted they did not look, as, if they had been in the ocean long, the pink shoe with the band aid in it also makes no sense since the band was in the wrong shoe, and what happened to lower socks. Also, why would Laura have been carrying an old purse with an expired, driver's license, instead of the per, she usually carried why were none of these questions asked at trial? Laura Henderson, was, obviously not killed, and max van there was no blood or tissue van in the van. But police claimed violent struggle took place in the van, and they suggested Laura struggled so hard, she kicked a cargo window in the van and cracked it the previous owner of the van testified the window was already cracked, when he sold the van to MAC in the forensics expert who processed the van stated, he saw no evidence a crime taking place in the van. I think it's interesting Jim Kerr win stated repeatedly. He was with MAC the entire evening, March twenty eighth nineteen eighty six but kirwin was found not guilty of all charges. Why was kirwin not called by max attorney to testify, Amax whereabouts? And the events of the night question, the first thorough search max van provided no evidence but nine days before the first trial was to begin a psychic suggested police searched the van again so after receiving. Psychics advice Kodiak police department corporal Paris, when alone to inspect the unsecured van at BRUCE'S wrecking yard Paris, claimed he looked in the window and saw something glistening near the gas pedal. So he sent two detectives to search the van again, and they found the critical evidence of an earring similar in appearance to the earrings Lawrence was wearing the night. She disappeared the search the van was conducted outside the presence of BRUCE'S wrecking yard employee. A violation of the contract between BRUCE'S wrecking yard the Kodiak police department, but despite the fact, the airing was found in unsecured van the judge had no qualms about allowing the earring to be entered into evidence at trial. When police I interviewed Loris co workers, only one claim to know Laura was planning to meet a mysterious man on the evening of March. Twenty eighth nineteen eighty six but she said, Laura did not know who the man was and did not recognize his voice on the phone when he called to set up the meeting when place asked the co workers to come into the station to write their statements though, they put all the co workers in a room together and suddenly Loris colleagues, all recalled that Laura was planning to meet a man named Matt, in a white van the night, she disappeared. Why did their statements change where they fed information? They got max name wrong. And instead of riding the name MAC MAC in their statements. They use the name Matt. M. A. T T A matte. M A, T T was the name of Laura's attorney. So what did those statements mean? Owlry. Ruble, the private investigator tasked with watching over Laura, while she met the mysterious stranger changed his story several times he first told police he sat in his car at an agreed upon spot, and when Laura drove past him, he waited until she got out of her car. And then he drove past her in the white van to find a better vantage spot. He said he lost side of the van for only a minute, but the van with Laura, in it disappeared during the time, it was out of his view. He then changed his story and said, he got out of his car and walked down the street to get a better view in Los side of the van, he then changed story, one more time and said he remained parked in the same spot the entire time. A MAC drove away out of his sight, Laura, disappeared in a quiet section of a small town. L rubel was either a very bad detective a bad liar. Or both numerous. People have suggested our bull, knew much more about Laura's disappearance than he admitted some believe he was the last person to see Laura alive. And they believe he knows what happened to her. It is suspicious that, when ruble, lost track of Lora, he did not attempt to find her. He did not search any of the numerous bars in the area, nor ask anyone, if they had seen Laura he simply reported her disappearance to Mant Jason, and they called the police to report a kidnapping. What happened to Laura Henderson? Sadly, we probably will never know what happened to Laura Henderson. She disappeared over thirty three years ago and her remains still have not been found Laura Henderson was involved in the drug community and Kodiak. And she was a police informant at drug dealer. By the name of Jane James McLaughlin, told several people he killed Laura Henderson because she knew too much about his drug dealings. And he suspected, she was planning to inform on him to the place. The place were aware a McLaughlin's admission, but they chose to ignore it, it is also very possible MAC and James eyeball were involved in Laura's murder, but the facts of this case proved the murder, did not occur. In the manner suggested by the Kodiak police department and the prosecutors. 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