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Mark Mason Show. If you're wondering what the big deal is about Oregon's exploding whale, which happened 50 years ago. Today, it's the fact that it's become a legendary Oregon story. I've lectured personally about it. In Europe. It's been shown in every country. Nobody really knows how many times has been viewed. I chuckle it articles that say at least a million times. No. I've read at least 345 million times. Recently on YouTube alone, six million views one day four million views another. It's the fifth most watched video in history, according to BBC. That was in 2006 is huge worldwide, and we rarely if it all here from the guy responsible for it, that would be photographer Doug, Brazil. We were both in early twenties and K to when we were sent to Florence to cover this story. We thought it was kind of goofy on our way. We didn't have any idea what might happen. And so Doug. Brazil joins us today and for the first time I asked you Doug, I don't think I have ever done this. What was your take away from? What happened? Being the guy who shot it? Well, well, my major Keiko Oy, What's the smell? A good overall, The story seemed obviously pretty unusual and the things that we encountered after the explosion occurred and the stuff was raining down upon us and considering the potential I mean, it was a death threat practically that Was in my mind a lot, but The biggest thing I took away. It's just I can't I can't forget the smell and the right back in the airplane. It's largely been called the world's first viral video. I don't know that anybody knows how many views it's had. I've seen 340 million in a couple of sites. The BBC in 2006 said. It was the fifth most watch video in history. But let's assume you are responsible for the world's first viral video. No photographers. Work I know of has received greater attention. Does that make you feel as a professional? Well, I don't know that the particular story is a professional highlight, but It's certainly something that is humbling to think that's something that we put together 50 years ago as brother young journalists eyes pretty interesting in light of the fact that all the other things that have happened over the last 50 years and yet it still continues to draw an audience. Like you say, nobody really knows how many. It appears on so many different sites that you'd have to go to each one to see how many hits there are. But you know, it was easy to come up with 11 million just by looking at a couple of YouTube site so on. Obviously, these people are folks that repeat, they go back and look at this thing again. And I've seen it more than once, But I don't think I need to see it again. I'm with you on that. Why do you think Has lived on in such matter that and people are willing to go back and see it repeatedly. What is it about that video that captivates people? It makes them want to watch it. Well, you're probably not gonna like this. But the fact of the matter is that there was an explosion of blood for whale. There was some danger involved that the falling Glover there was a car damage, but the narrative that went with it the way you told the story. You told it into just very straightforward journalistic manner that there's no playing around with words too much. Not too much anyway. And and so people look at this thing as a serious story and get this background of this is real humor to it potentially tragic, but it ended up not being and everybody lived through it. Well, dream on offer got money for his car and everything was fine. I appreciate your comments. I totally disagree. I think it's the picture, not the words. You and I could discuss that for the next 50 years. Yeah. Are you celebrating the day in any particular way? The 50th anniversary. You got big plans. I know you and I can't go to Florence. Because we're not. We can't travel right now, but we're gonna do Right? Well, we're going down to the coast. But will that be down in escrow in and I think obviously we'll have this little interview with the folks at the Oregon Historical Society. Um and, um, so I know on the Whale day will be down there at the coast, although not in Florence, and I think it'll just be a very quiet, you know, dinner and glass of wine or something, but there's not much else to do regarding this particular event. Duggan, his partner, have a place there. I should point out. It's not like you're just a tourist visiting Mexico and, um Right. Do you wish it would go away? Would you just assume not talk about it anymore? No. I mean, it's interesting First of all of the great called 50 years ago. That's pretty important on and and I enjoyed the fact that there's some attention about it. And it was something that was not a tragedy. So many of the things that we covered in TV news ended up was people being hurt? S o. This was one for that didn't happen and that it lives on and people laugh about it. I I'm still good with it. All right. Finally, the question. I haven't been able answer Well over all these years..

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