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Sports and all and Liverpool struggling in a in a draw. Right, danny. That's absolutely, right. Doug. They are there. Lead over Manchester City in the Premier League now data three points after a draw against West Ham. United London stadium man sitting out could move the top of the rankings if they can pull off a win over Everton on Wednesday. Leonov Bessie status is doubtful for Wednesday's COPA classical. I like match against Rao Madrid after missing practice today for Barcelona doodo leg injury suffered Saturday in a draw against Valencia now the status for his teammates money deblaze for Wednesday. Also up in the air. France international has missed the previous four matches with a hamstring injury. Dallas Mavericks warmly introducing former New York knick Kristaps Porzingis to the media this is days after the blockbuster deal that sent the Twenty-three-year-old Latvian star to Dallas in a seven player trade for singles will miss the entire season as he comes back for an ACL injury. But he's expected to. Team of nineteen year old sensation Luca, Don Kitch for years to come to former young nucleus for the Mavericks. NBA scoreboard. Local teams in action just underway. The second quarter Washington at home trailing Atlanta thirty five to twenty about to tip off, Milwaukee as at the Brooklyn. Nets NFL news. The patriots winning Super Bowl fifty three over the Rams thirteen to three then the season. Pats tight end, rob gronkowski says he's going to decide the next few weeks if you will retire not as a nine year veteran will be turning thirty and may need while Cincinnati Bengals naming rains quarterbacks. Coach Zac Taylor as their new head coach for the Miami. Dolphins of named patriots offensive coordinator Brian Florez as their new coach Oakland, Raiders still deciding whether to play home games or where to play home games next season before moving to Vegas in two thousand twenty. They've had discussions with the San Francisco Giants about playing at work apart. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC.

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