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Tomorrow at the us hosted global nineteen cove nineteen summit. I'll be announcing additional commitments as we seek to advance the fight against covert nineteen the global effort to vaccinate people in the world's poorest countries has thus far come up short of earlier pledges a big theme of tomorrow's virtual summit will be accountability setting ambitious targets and actually hitting them advocates expect biden to set a goal of vaccinating seventy percent of the world's population in a year tamra keith. Npr news house. Democrats are working to pass legislation to avert a us government shutdown before a deadline next week when federal agencies are slated to run out of money. Npr's cloyd equity solace reports democrats are also hoping to include a measure to raise the us debt limit but republicans say they are not on board the stopgap funding measure would avert a government shutdown with enough to continue operating at current levels until early december. It would by congressional democrats more time to complete budget negotiations for a new fiscal year. But they face a long to do list that includes three point five trillion dollars in new spending. Democrats want to include a provision in the stopgap bill to suspend the debt limit which will be necessary to avoid defaulting on existing debt but republicans are threatening to block the bill insisting that democrats should include the debt limit measure in their new spending bill and not in legislation. To keep the government's lights on cloudy thelma's npr news washington the administration's facing growing anger for stepping up deportations of haitian migrants thousands of whom are being removed. This week from an encampment. In del rio. Texas senate majority leader chuck schumer reference trump era immigration policies. He condemned the biden white house. While citing what he described as stomach-turning images appear to show migrants being whipped and subjected to other physical violence. We cannot continue these hateful and xenophobic trump policies. That disregard are refugee laws. We must allow silom seekers to present their claims at our ports of entry and be afforded due process haitian migrants who fled the country embroiled in political security and economic crises made worse by recent back back-to-back natural disasters. You're listening to npr news attorneys for a woman who accuses. Britain's prince andrew of sexual assault say they have served him papers in a civil lawsuit. Npr's frank langfitt has details from london lawyers for the woman. Virginia fray say they sent civil lawsuit to the princess los angeles based lawyer by email and fedex and both had been received. This comes after more than a month of trying to serve the prince at one point. Police reportedly turned away in investigator. Tried to serve the prince at his home in windsor outside london. The duke of york has three weeks to respond to frame now. Thirty eight says she was forced to have sex with the prince queen. Elizabeth second son at a london apartment when she was underage she also says he abused her at homes of the late sex offender and financier jeffrey epstein. The prince has denied any wrongdoing. Frank langfitt. Npr news london. British authorities are charging third. Russian suspect in connection with the two thousand eighteen nerve agent attack on former russian agent circus scruple and his daughter. Yulia in salisbury. England both survived but the attack resulted in the death of a british woman and severely sick and another civilian and a police officer today. Scotland yard announced that prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to press charges of attempted murder conspiracy to murder and chemical weapons possession against dennis sir gave went by the alias. Sergei fedotov at last check on wall street. The dow jones industrial average was up sixty six point since the open at thirty four thousand thirty one. The smp is up six points at forty three sixty three in the nasdaq has risen fifty five points. You're listening to npr knees..

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