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That's when you know that he thinks they're close. Yeah, you know, And it's interesting because Anton Lundell going back to that the fin you've heard a lot about his name, Mac. He's going to be 19. By the time the draft starts, You know, he's got one of those AA late birthdays, which, normally that wouldn't have come into play, so he's got a year experience. You know, he's played against adults. He's AH, really good, Two way player. And it was funny because I was just reading a scouting report about him this afternoon because I'm a nerd. And the one thing that all all the scouts that have watched him are saying is This is a kid that pays more attention to his defensive responsibility than pretty much any other guy at this age. And you know that's something, Mac. You lived it, you know you look, it's always there. What you take that screwdriver and you tight, no screws to make sure that it's really there. So you could have, you know a continuing career in the National Hockey League with one thing I read from a couple different guys is, you know this is a guy that can play both ways, but really, really, really is in tune with what he has to do defensively and you know, that's so important. Today's league and You know, quite frankly, I think that's the type of guy that that Steve eyes woman is looking for. You know, he'd you know, at this point time they've got a few guys in the system that that you know, have the potential of off being really good players. You want to add a guy? That's not only going to be that good player, but maybe a little older, maybe a little quicker to jump in, and you don't have to worry about, you know, pat him on the behind, telling him Don't forget you about you know that other end of the ice? Well, here's the one thing to write, Shawn and I think that when we're always talking about like speed is the new size and it's about how fast you go whatever. Hockey sense is not something it's you, Khun Teach a little bit of it, but you have it or you don't. And when you are concerned, first of all about your end before the other end, That's what the grind line, you know, sort of, based on the work from it, And you can't sort of teach that you can try to To instill that in other players, But you're better off to, you know, circumvent and put guys around the guys that aren't defensively conscious so You know, because here's the thing. The Saint the Detroit ST Kenny Holmes, Detroit Red Wings were percolating guys in the minors. This is Steve Eisenman's Red Wings. If you can play, let's go. And I'm telling you my experience those Ah, Europeans are smart, You know, they learned the game while I was over there, train and with them back in 96 stuff like that, you know, like It's crazy, but that would be something that bring to appoint now now sold and letting a guy that you could drive sent it back and, you know, take three or four years. No, we need help now, and I think that's the direction we're going to go to. So I look forward to that. I look forward to Ah, Tuesday Wednesday. Any kind of draft is always sort of exciting, but Agreed. We'll see what happens, but when we come back, it's football picks time. And you know what? We all got a solo album last week. You didn't Oh, door. I'm sorry someone took it went against Sean and 1 36 to 7. Jets Colts game. Oh, that way. I was talking about the line that you're getting your head of yourself here. Dort wise, Nice story. Signed it. Nice. Wow. What do you believe that I mean, just shined and cut me off. I was trying to go to break on. You know, now I can't hit the time cause him anyways, we'll be back. That's what happens here..

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