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A legal though doesn't mean that it's not politically consequential and importantly now that we know that there's both congressional investigations in federal investigations at within the executive branch the other crimes we might be thinking about are lying to federal or congressional investigators also a failure to disclose these meetings that are being reported that also comes with criminal liability susan hennessy managing editor of the website l'affaire thanks a lot thanks for having me an army soldier is in custody today after he allegedly killed his wife and a new york state police trooper last night sergeant justin walters did to tours in afghanistan the shooting happened outside his home near the fort drum army base in northern new york long rosenthal with north country public radio has more steve police trooper jolt davis was the first officer to arrive on the scene last night after receiving reports of gunshots the call came from the rural town of the resigning york not far from the massive fort drum army base justin walters a 32yearold army infantrymen allegedly shot trooper this fatally as he approached this is a terrible terrible loss which community st police superintendent george beach spoke at a press conference this afternoon the state police trooper and sheriff's deputies and literally protector and their adhere every single minute of every single day beach said that walters quickly surrendered when other police arrived on scene they found two more shooting victims a family friend who's expected to survive and then walters wife 27yearold nicole walter's the wife of justin walters was baram besieged been revealed the multiple venture justin walters has been charged with first and second degree murder trooper joel davis survived by his wife and three children addi janney now a new york state assembly woman told reporters she was friends with davis nearly her whole life is i just want everyone to know what a wonderful wonderful mad he was going to try to provide assistance to in a very bad situation and his pork to be seriously missed by all of us st police and the army's criminal investigation command say they're working together to investigate the shooting your governor andrew cuomo has ordered flags flown at halfmast to honor trooper jolted s brain pr news and lauren rosenthal in watertown new york support for npr comes from this station and from lifelock reminding consumers that identity thieves can pose as other people taking.

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