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If I keep comparing these kinds of situations with my own home country, very recent con contradiction in terms is going on in the Italian media as well, very popular crime series, cold Montalban is soon to a with an episode dedicated to migrant boats, and this is a huge, but it's cool topic right now in Italy. And the very fact that we don't even know what the narrative of the episodes. It's going to be a very that. This this very popular TV show. It's it's three should it's popular across the political spectrum will even tackle this issue has created enormous debate in in the media. So I like to think that cultural artifacts that can be approached and and feel parallel to the normal political debate. Eight ten touch people in different ways. So I didn't know if they will shift policy, but I like to believe that they can have effect on people who wouldn't normally be receptive to certain degrees in certain themes, drew junior from the point of view of non Australian such as yourself. Does it strike you that whatever you may or may not think of stray Leah's asylum policies in this respect it's handled the messaging badly because this is the thing that occurs to me at least in it doesn't get covered. Certainly in the international media is the stroll, you're actually does okay. In taking asylum seekers and refugees in two thousand fifteen sixteen. It was thirteen thousand seven hundred and fifty an additional twelve thousand from Syria and Dirac, whereas the the view of a struggle that tends to get projected this absolutely rigidly inhospitable place. And I think you're right. I wasn't aware of those figures and indeed unsurprised I just do here. The general media view that Australia has this blanket policy that nobody. He gets in. And I think awarding a prize like this is useful. Because it highlights that message. It gets the discussion going it makes fucks like that come out more. But I also think that we're I an Australian writer, I might be slightly dismayed by this that in fact, somebody who was not eligible in any way for this prize one it a haven't read the book, it might be a fantastic piece of literature. I've no doubt that it is it wouldn't obviously have one. But of course, there's got to be a little bit of politicking behind it. If you look at 'em. So on the shortlist was Gail Jones who quick plug for the program. Meet the writers rose one of our previous guests, also Kim Scott who's also been on the program. Now, he's an indigenous Australian writer, and is very vocal for for indigenous people in Australia, and I think that there is a lot of work to be done in highlighting that section of literature perhaps before going onto to other things that really can't be changed or we'll finally tonight. It has been a week which has reminded brutally of the blood sport aspects of attempting to run. Digital media enterprise wide spread job losses at BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post and the apparent demise of the pool. It seems therefore especially unpropitious moment for a soap manufacturer to take a crack at content provision. But this is apparently not going to stop lush attempting to branch out from shops, which you can smell six blocks away to film, TV podcasts and so forth..

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