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The. Three fifty nine Roger Chan I'm Alfred hang Uber temporarily. Halted its Thomas car program after one of his vehicles Hilda possession in Tempe ARizona. This marks the first they tell from self driving car accident on public road. What do you think this means is this this is pretty bad, right? Well, they had to completely halted. I think that this was inevitable for any self driving car testing program. Eventually, there was going to be there would be fatality for it to happen to a company that has had so many, you know, negative headlines. Yeah. Yeah. I think this just piles on top of, I think if this happened like Ford which is also testing its own self drivers Google away. I, I think this would still be like a historic moment in tech for sure. But like to happen, Uber, like definitely adds to all the controversies going on with the company. Now, it's important to note that this, at least the chronicle after dill but fall reporting, they talked with the police chief, the police chief who said that the way the woman merged the shadows that basically no driver either Thomas or human probably would been able to see her. Yeah, this is something that's been brought up at like the moments and self driving cars were kind of like announced the idea of if it gets into a car accident, like who's at fault and things like that. There's gonna be a lot of interesting developments here. I also am interested in because the argument for self driving cars has always been that they're much safer right than than a person driving. So now that this has happened, I don't know if that, like opinion. Shifted at all. Brian, I think there were a lot of concerns. Maybe some folks were arguing safer, but I think a lot of people the public had fears about one truly was Sater. Our next up eighteen T and Time Warner are about to set up, but kick off their legal battle with Justice department. They trial begins tomorrow of our colleague. Maggie ridden has a nice current razors explaining why Tintin Time Warner one emerge. Why this court case is so important for the future of median for streaming TV. Essentially, this was a surprise that the Justice department actually blocked the deal. This is considered a vertical integration, whereas two copies dope, each other are gained together. What wasn't the original reporting though that they decided to block it? Because you know, President Trump wasn't a fan of CNN and all that, yes. The interesting thing is the judge for this trial Oricon thrown out any references to Trump. The basically eighteen initially tried to get access to some memos and between the. White House and just department. That's not part of the case. The really just gonna be arguing on the merits of whether or not this deal should go through. All right. Lastly, we learn more about Cambridge Analytica the firm that worked with the Donald Trump campaign last year after undercover report from the case channel four. Now the executives from the data from caught on video offering us everything from sex workers and spreading false information to discredit political rivals. It's just like another step in this Facebook drama, craziest thing about that report is what is any of that have to do with data analytics, nothing right. It's basically will just basically do whatever it takes to help your political candidate win it just like were a company that uses data analytics from social media. Also sex workers and blackmail it's just like if there's any like sign that they're shady activity going on there and like what they on top of what they had already done with Facebook. This like this kind of just like a blaring like and just. Reminder. This is the firm that basically took data from a Facebook third party app to politically to target better target Facebook users for the Donald Trump camp. Did you see Cambridge Luca's response to that report? Basically, like the video was taken out of context said that we purposely said something so exaggerated to save the person that we were talking to from embarrassment. Like hypothetical scenarios, like we would never do that. We just did that as kind of a joke that really. Yeah, sure. All right, only source is out. It's Roger Chang. I'm Alfred. Thanks for listening.

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