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Of all these baseball bats. Being dropped off for the The youngsters as you call him. These people are being paid by George Soros. Like you said. They don't even know why they're doing it. Who's doing it or whatever. All they know they're having girl time and getting paid for Yup. And it's time they stopped having that good old time on our nickel. And Todd. It's time that we as a society Take hold of this and run with it. Who? I got to take a break. I have not been Her diligent with my clock as I should have been. This is the John MacCulloch show here on FM one on 1.5 and AM 1400. The Patriot Back in a minute. Hearing loss is a major public health issue. Now the third most common physical condition of adults. After arthritis and heart disease. That's pretty incredible. But on the plus side listen to the results of a major study. Fully 36% of the patients who began wearing hearing AIDS experienced improved overall mental health. How it Cruz hearing. This is something they know a lot about. People are finding out. And the crew's hearing. They've got a complete selection of the state of the art, hearing instruments and accessories. To make the transition to excellent hearing easy for you. Ted Cruz. They don't fall. Well no one who comes in for their first appointment actually wants to But eventually A person is concerned. Turns to the rest of the family or friends. Find out what the buzz is about. Make that first step and make that first phone call. You will be so glad you did. I know I wass Reach any of the three crews airing officers at this number all could be reached at the same number 8774562789 It's 877456 crews and that's CR Jozy. 8774562789 Let the folks cruise hearing now John MacCulloch ascension now on time, traffic.

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