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Adam Copeland Creed of Tony Ryan ahead of Week 11 of the NFL season 40 Niners on By this week, giants on by the Bears are on a buy. And the Bills are on a bias. As far as players were looking at that around by that you want to replace this week 40 on his back. They'll obviously been a mess. I know some people may be happy little breather there, especially Raheem Mostert owners. As far as the New York football giants are concerned, Daniel Jones not been a bad fantasy quarterback it all for any of the last three weeks. Chicago bears Alan Robinson's A guy for you. We've gotta replace this week, but I think the biggest one is Josh Allen of the Bills. If we're if we're talking injury, Drew Brees was a big one this week, and that's where we're going with cheese it before the break right. I had to teach it in. Then Tony decided he was just gonna say nothing. Screw your cheese. Let me just bring it up again. I'm looking at big time this week, and I've got it as a pretty high rated quarterback this week. Tony is a guy who's gonna give his first start of the season didn't look fantastic against the Niners last week, but I think there's reason to believe Jamis Winston can be a factor in week 11 for the Saints. Against the Falcons. I think so, too. The only thing that worries me is that guy Taysom Hill and what his tastes and take away because did that guy is just the Swiss Army knife, put him anywhere on the offense and he will produce for you. And I'm wondering how much he will be in the mix because we do know that Winston I think it's the first ever in the NFL. The first ever. 30 30 guy for 30 TVs 30 picks last year. I mean, who gets you yards, But he will also throw to the wrong team Many, many times some wondering. I am just curious to see what the game plan that Sean put champagne butts together. And I remember, too when Teddy Bridgewater filled in for Bree's last year, didn't they rely heavily on the running game with Alvin Kamara? And Latavius Murray for for when Teddy Bridgewater filled in for an injured Drew Brees, I I don't know if they're gonna rely heavily on the running game is my question and heavily on on Taysom Hill. Because I don't know how much confidence Sean Payton has in Jameis Winston. We made him a second string quarterback. I think he's got second string confidence in him. I think that's why you bring him in on a one year deal like he did with Teddy Bridgewater. So couple of but second string quarterback. Yeah, but also they have, like, bring him again. Taysom Hill is also a second string quarterback for lack of a better reputation. Hill is a gadget quarterback right now. They've never set him up and said, Hey, go run! Five serious downfield. Go set up and run a whole series. We haven't seen tasting. He'll even do that. At the NFL level. We see him come in for 2 to 3 plays at a time. I'm gonna design for him to either run the wildcat for him to line up a tight end for him to line up a fullback or running back. I'm not really concerned about Jason Mills usage affecting Jamis Winston at all, Which is why I've got was did rated so highly and you're looking at Teddy Bridgewater's games from last year. Now you remember, he comes into the Rams game where Drew Brees gets injured. I think it's thumb came down on a helmet of somebody when he was completely passed. They lost that game and then Teddy did not lose. A game that he started for the rest of the season. How about this? We're talking about no passing game. He threw nine touchdowns and two picks in that span, so they did throw the ball. Whole bunch. Well, well. He was starting for four. Drew Brees last year. 27 30 34 36 38. It's far surpassing. You tend to go for tenure, Bridgewater, and I think if you've got Jamis Winston, it's gonna be the same sort of thing. Now you talk about relying on the Russian attack they do. I mean, that's kind of what the Saints do. They don't take tons and tons of risks because you've got Alvin Kamara. Then dump it off to him. You could hand it to him. It's obvious Murray and just let him run. I'd be more concerned about the Russian attacks and Taysom Hill. I'm not really concerned about tasting it all. And part of it is because of what you just mentioned how much faith do Sean Payton have in Jamis Winston to let him throw the ball downfield? All that? I said? I think Michael Thomas owners could be happy this week. I think when you've got a big wide receiver like that, and a backup quarterback who stepping in there probably not gonna open up the playbook to the To the full extent of it right? Just because he hasn't. I'm sure he'll get most of it. But maybe maybe they ease it up for Jamie's a little bit so that I would have. I would imagine a lot of the number one options come. This place is gonna be Michael Thomas. One of throwing to your number one guy, and if that doesn't work, just check it down to Alvin Camaro. Let him go, so I'd expect their usage to be high. The other part of this is when he had weapons last year in Tampa Bay. He hit him. He threw to Mike Evans a lot. He thought of this Godwin a lot. These guys were good, so well. He's gonna make mistakes. He's getting throw interceptions. I don't know if they'll necessarily even win. Falcons can put up points. But get this. They give up more fantasy points, two quarterbacks, then any team in the NFL. So genius. Winston's matchup against the Falcons is good this year, and here's this other element. He's doing the same thing. Teddy Bridgewater did, and he's getting the opportunity. Now we're breeze got hurt, Which is exactly why I think Sean Payton wanted to replace Teddy Bridgewater is he's playing for a contract. He's looking for a team to take a look at him this year and say, Look, what what? Jamis Winston did for them. When Drew Brees went down, Teddy Bridgewater got a contract offer going five and no throwing nine touchdowns and two interceptions in that span. Wall Breeze was out, so I think as far as letting it fly goes or having a guy with with weapons around him, who may turn the ball over but could be inside the top 15 or 12. As far as Fantasy cubes this week. I really, really like James against the Falcons, man. Yes, especially with the matter and it's all match up based, right? And like you said the match up with the Falcons is a juicy one. And Bridgewater. Sure successful QB with the Saints. Yes, Fantasy output. Not probably not the best last year with Winston. I think you'll get some some points I had James went to know my as my fantasy quarterback for a bunch last season. And he was frustrating because Tony yards tenant touchdowns with them. He throw 33 or four picks of freaking game like you and ship you off six points. Do it After you throw its understanding. Marquita do how about this? I was looking. I was looking at his numbers, and I was like you were talking about how we went. 30 30 last year was trying to see just just, you know, looking over his game, Lodge and stuff, dude, So he's going to start this week. He came in last week and started the second half against the Niners. The last touch Tony through was that pick six on the last play of the season last year when he was a temple, everything That picks enters his 30th interception of the year fixed 60, and that's the last touchdown. That's Ah, that Davis was there was a part of in the passing game, so hey, man, you take your love said this was gonna happen. If you start Jamis this week. You're probably going to get a couple of touchdowns and you're probably going to get a couple of picks. It's why. I mean, this is the risk, right? But Falcons Falcons have this happen every week. Falcons just bleed points, so I wouldn't you think that do you think that game is gonna be a shootout? Because I have Matt Ryan? In one of my leagues, and I think I'm starting it with some confidence because I think that they're going to the Falcons are going to put up some points to I do. I think if I mean the fact is often so they're passing attack is really good. You just can't there If you got a been a survivor, Pulfer pick him like you. Just you're You're dead. You just can't do that. I mean, it's terrible. But how about how about another quarterback Tom Brady two weeks ago, we were like this guy's dead with this guy's. It's over right the same. The Saints just mauled him 38 to 3. They just beat the piss out of him. Dude on the on Sunday night football and then get this. He's the number 31 fantasy quarterback that week. Two weeks ago, we nine last week in week 10. He comes back. He goes 341 yards, three touchdowns against the Panthers, and he's the number one fantasy QB for last week. This week. He gets the Rams. The Rams have made it really hard on opposing cornerbacks. They allow the second fewest fantasy points, two quarterbacks this season, and they looked Russell Wilson last week. 248 yards, two picks 22 of 37. What do you make it? Tom Brady? He was at the bottom. He was at the top. I mean, he's a winner..

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