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A child with compassion is the most effective way to end extreme child poverty. Release a child from poverty when you become a compassion sponsor, choose your child now at compassion dot com slash radio. Do your part to release the child from poverty today. Listen, the new year is here, and that's awesome. And I hope you're having a great new year. But sadly, if you look in the mirror, you might also still have the sagging Charline in double chin from two thousand eighteen well, how about we get rid of them? And look your best in this new twenty nine thousand nine year. Introducing the brand new Genucel jaw line treatment with dual peptide and technology. Now, this is Shamanee's most advanced technology ever and only titans the saggy drumline. But it also plumps the life of Philip layers of your skin, you know, Meredith just the other day, oh, you're out to dinner candlelight romantic evening, and she said, Larry, I gotta tell you, man. Your life affiliate layers are so plump. It's. Getting me kind of hot and bothered. And now, that's what you want in your marriage. You want the plump light but Philip layers and you'll get it. With shah-deniz incredible Genucell Charline treatment and right now during this New Year's giveaway. You can get Virginia cell jaw line treatment free when you order Genucell for under eye bags and puffiness, you're going to get results in twelve hours, which Jaas immediate effects also free. But you got a call or click right now, eight hundred five to five twenty seven twenty or go to Genucel dot com. This is the time to start your new year right with beautiful skin, no bags and puffiness and a tighter higher jaw line and a happy excited spouse. Eight hundred five to five twenty seven twenty four you by get in trouble tonight. Genucel dot com, that's Genucel dot com..

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