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Course wo that you're talking to me you're talking to most people but again from a legal point of view you can sit down here of course you and i are not going to do what or couldn't donen it is a matter of respect trump chorus barred there is no war again stead right you know what you and i could would anyone can do is proud to as the white somebody goes about bro as narrow also i would stay on at her as a matter of respect for all the service people on court and it took a country back affording you the opportunity to make millions of dollars and your protest the best you can do but do you think you're talking to a lot of bright people here where i made you think marchand lender you know see see here's the thing we don't know if he was protesting or not see that is how he could have been wrecked he could have been resting you wanted to sit down and achieve this banana on a on a war on a gatorade cooler now here's the thing with a year or and in mid thirty how do you think your can apply performed for the rehder well that's a good question and he's from oakland i think you wonder ways got a big of the you know he's got family and friends that he grew up with their he went to school nearby there so i you know listen how is he going to do with the with the raiders i think i think the raiders probably don't need him and days probably past his prime there's no question about it and hill forever be known as part of the worst play cole in the history of the national football league when you're on the two yard line two yards away from winning the super bowl mp carol has russell wilson put the ball up in the air and set of giving it to the beast to go to yards and he had a couple of downs in which to get those two yards but no russell wilson is throwing the ball butler makes the interception and tom brady the legacy he continues to grow because of it.

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