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It, but congresswoman Alexandria, Cossio Cortez smells stunt. Before a vote in the house GOP is hoping for hearings only through the scrutiny of the legislative process can the American people get a true sense of how these proposals and sound bites translate into actual policy and Republicans aren't the only ones concerned union members from the AFL CIO wrote to a O C to say we will not accept proposals that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families. That is FOX's Peter Doocy. New York City police say sixteen people been arrested for blocking traffic during a climate protests in New York City in front of the American Museum of natural history is part of a worldwide protest a lot of changes now at horse racing tracks in California after twenty two horses died recently after twenty one horses. Died officials at Santa Anita park closed down racing this month park. Spokesman Mike woman says they changed the ROY. Rules, including watching horses more closely using a new group of veterinarians who examined previous races to see a forces dropped in class or showed signs of any illness complete veterinary records are going to go with each horse, even if they're changing trainers and ownership in other words, we have horses claimed the veterinary records will stay with that hor. Even after these changes and testing the track following all of the winter rain, a three-year-old broke two ankles and had to be put down. So the track owners announced a race day ban on a diuretic drug along with a rule against using racing whips or crops. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal..

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