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Dot com or whatever so i like we'll take care of poison ivy dot com and i was like. Hey i got this poison ivy and the front yard but when he goes. No i don't and i was like wait what he's like. I ended up in the hospital. We actually don't do poison ivy removal. And i was like okay but i called removed. Poison ivy nagano poison ivy guide doesn't remove poison ivy and that is my latest in my home odor. Show why are you even fixing it. That's what i said to chris. I was like do not want poison ivy in the front yard. Don't you want people to get like would cause kelly could end up getting around in front It's just bad in general and also you know what's going to happen. Is that my dad now that the borders are open. I'm sure my dad's gonna come down here and he's going to get like into the power all the power and the gas yet or is it everything like what of ken goes down there and then he gets poison oak and we have to take in the hospital and i go bankrupt because we don't have american health insurance so on it's like you don't know maybe people could sue you for getting poison ivy. You're doing your solar panels exactly so you are putting it on record for your with. This is exhibit. A one of chris's clients was on deck shepherds podcast and he said something about his lifestyle and then the insurance company heard it and call them. We're like we're taking away your life insurance no way. Oh my god that's hilarious. I mean that's a miracle but also saying back. Yikes okay so my good week is a by proxy. Good week for jared. Because he has he came up with this idea in his head that he thought it was really funny to tell people that venice like the city. Venice that we live right next to short for very nice and he has now convinced dozens of people that venice is short for very nice. Think people people seriously believe this and started googling. It and i'm like this is the best. This is the best thing ever. You're going to end up like it'll be changed on wikipedia. It'll be like a whole thing. And i love that perfect lie to like jerry with his little smile and his freckles and his hair. If he me that i'd be like Like you it's an innocent cry at jerry would lie to you. Yeah no you would never. He's so believable. And i'm like. I love this frio so that's my good week. Bad week is well good week. The main finally is playing concerts again. Which is what. I've been waiting for for eighteen.

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