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I've heard of people doing that. How do you? How do you? Hang upside down by the is it a real tree. Yeah. We don't really real trees. We've seen him now. And it started as Redwood trees as well. But you just take a look like a screw screwing feeling and in. Feeling and into the Trump. I mean, you can't do it. But like maybe the last week because it will die a lot faster. But it was great especially for having a large family. There's a lot more trees underneath the president's. And it was always something. Nobody else. Did you mean presents underneath the tree? I understood you. Okay. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you hard to picture, though. The upside down tree. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I can't I can't it just seems how do you water? It. You can't. That's what she said. You can only do it for about a week. Here's a text. What the hell is flocking a tree. Oh, really? So you there. There were some people who attempted to do it themselves at home. You could do it with a vacuum cleaner. I thought there was a kit where you could do it with your vacuum cleaner. And it always ruined your vacuum cleaner. And then there were spray cans at one time. Oh, that's right. You could buy cans of walk. But it's a it's mental look like snow and there used to be at Christmas. Tree watts. They would do it for you. And you spray it on the tree and count looks like snow, and then they I they started. It was always just white and then you could get an impasse Stelle colors, pink and blue just awful stuff. Just look up look up flocked Chris was supposed to like make it more fire retardant. Maybe. Yeah. But I think it was toxic. All right. We'll continue this X poll after the break. If you insist your bizarre unusual Christmas decorations or have you seen something like that eight seven seven six zero two nine six nine six. Got a crash the on ramp northbound I fifteen ninetieth south in Salt Lake little Cottonwood canyon is scheduled to reopen in about fifteen minutes or so skiers are already lining up at the base of the canyon. Stalled vehicle northbound University Avenue eighteen sixty south in Utah county center lanes are closed front of the program says police activity at the Chevron on the corner of cherry lane highway nine in Layton, possibly a robbery when you're just guessing you don't really detective..

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