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The field of thirtyseven cars have just crossed the start finish line and but given the signal of one lap to go to get the race under way again we're racing to stage one which will be at lap sixty stage two at one twenty and of course two hundred laps make up the total distance the fun part of this race jeff st louis going to be watching some of those really good cars back in the field from twenty fifth on back making their way to the front light denny hamlin like eric l merola alex bowman got a quick car he's coming from way deep in the field like you just pointed out here to go to the tail end you've also got back there casey kane and jimmy johnson all of those drivers like we pointed out in our nascar live pre ratio going to starting at the back because they'd never even cut a lap in qualifying all right real quickly rusty the first twenty laps what are you trying to get accomplished just trying to get a good field the car see what's happening out there which direction the handling of the cars going to go in might go loosen might go tight but whatever it does next pissed off you'd better be adjusted on it and you're going to have to stay just on this thing throughout the race the final race of the west coast swing getting ready to go into the green flag here at the auto club speedway of southern california upfront polesitter martin tricks junior to his inside kyle busch wrote to kyle larson and eric jones row three austin dillon and joey logano pace car on pit road and now for the start here is the motor racing networks joe more field works off turn number four coming into the trial will getting ready for the green flag waving get today's auto club four hundred.

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