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Donna and you're seeing a knock on effect on some of the bond indices as well let's second for you on the first word headlines from around the world and cross out to burma debra as south korea has urged north korea to resume highlevel meeting plan for today saying regress pyongyang's decision to cancel the north said it pulled out because of us south korean military drills now underway kim jong is scheduled to meet with president trump in singapore on june the twelfth in washington says preparations for the historic summit are going ahead despite the latest twists we're operating under the idea and the notion that the president's meeting is going forward with chairman with chairman kim next month malaysian politician anwar ibrahim has walked free from a hospital where he'd been detained ahead of his expected pardoned by the king anwar is the defacto leader of the coalition that won last week's election prime minister mahadzir mohammed has promised a hand the premiership to anwar although he says that it could take one or two years on has been jailed twice on sodomy convictions he says were politically motivated japan's two year growth streak has been snapped with the economy contracting in the first quarter annualized gdp shrank zero point six percent from the previous three months estimates were four eight zero point one percent fall private consumption was unchanged but business spending fell whereas the communists had been expecting a gain the european union is calling on israel to exercise maximum restraint and recognized right of peaceful protest after at least fifty eight people were killed on the border with gaza demonstrations erupted across palestinian territory after the death they also marked the seventieth anniversary as per the western calendar of the addiction of hundreds of thousands of people and then the creation of the state of israel meanwhile the eu says it's working together with britain france and germany to save the iran nuclear deal now that the us is pulling out three nations are signatories to the twentyfifth cord and say they want to protect it despite president trump's decision determined to ensure that the disappearance stays in place we know a difficult task but we are determined to do that and we started to work to put in place measures that help ensuring that this happens this is true the european sites we've seen the.

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