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Once the inspection was concluded the akron headed back to opel aca this time additional drills were conducted at the florida base the gun cruz got targetpractice using the nc y ones as targets as march nineteen 33 came to a close the akron headed back to new jersey from florida but the airship wasn't moored for long on april third another mission began and this time it was intended to help calibrate radio directionfinding stations along the new england coast which were used for radio traingular letian but the voyage wasn't smooth when the akron passed over barna get light in ocean county new jersey that ten pm on april third the airship was already dealing with severe weather two and a half hours later at twelve thirty a m on april fourth akron was whipped by a particularly powerful gusts and drops tailfirst into the sea there have been a witness to the stroke the akron struggle with the win and that was a german ship called fiba's that had seen lights in the air dropping down toward the atlantic and the crew aboard the fiba's actually thought they were witnessing a plane crash so fiba's altered course to investigate and about a half hour after the incident they pulled the first person from the water and that was lieutenant commander henry v widely who was unconscious at the time at this point the crew of the fiba's still thought they were finding the results of a plane crash they had no idea that the akron had been in the area fiba's also sent out its boat to widen the search for victims.

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