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He said, you do whatever you need to do, whatever resources you need, whatever changes you need to make at any level. I trust you, you do it. And in fact, when I laid out my one hundred day plan very early on, he didn't even want to see it. He said, I trust you, okay, but isn't it got into this position in the first place? So shouldn't you say yes, I wanna see it. I wanna see everything. The difference was that I really interview tritium right? Was there in just continue. I get the chance to talk to sets and I've sat met with sit more times in the seven months than I did in the first fifteen years. And so we got to talk a lot and but it was one after the talking that her hundred plan came to fruition. And in fact, we put a basketball court literally in our office and people laugh at it. And I don't know if Mark really knows this, but that basketball court was really for. Mark and to send him a message. We are the basketball team too, and so we're going to invest in this to just like you told us because the employee's complained a lot that they never saw him well. So we put the court there too, and said, okay, he when he comes in here, he'll come in court and so he can, you know, make a few baskets hang out with Suzy you to know that because he wasn't there, but it's different. It's very different now, and it's significant by the joking around it's significant because I think the same way people will come on how did he not know about a lot of the stuff when they read this report, but you're telling me there's so much separation with their separation. And also if you if you complain a few times and nothing happens, you stop complaining..

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