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The day but mile behind fifty two twenty six degrees. The first female superintendent of the state police will leave in January this from pro Joe's, Amanda milk of its and Catherine Greg Colonel Ann Assumpico state police superintendent and director of the department of public safety confirmed that she will retire next month after launching what she called the most diverse state police training academy in the state's history. South Dakota became the first woman to run the state police when Governor Gina Raimondo appointed her in November of two thousand sixteen Assumpico did not state a reason for her retirement after twenty six years on the force or for the abrupt announcement on Christmas Eve my goal from day one. She said was too. Increase diversity throughout our ranks to more accurately reflect the ethnic cultural and socioeconomic communities are agency serves he said in her statement, she's immensely proud of the steps that she's taken to achieve this goal, including promoting women and minorities and all ranks in creating a new recruitment process that resulted in a record number of women and minority recruits for the state police training academy class that is scheduled to begin on January fourteenth a toddler was in a back seat during an armed carjacking. We'll get more from eyewitness news. Kate walsh. Police caught up with the suspects in a car robbery. This was on vineyard street in Pawtucket. But the incident began on Whitehall street. Do. Firing. Around two o'clock Sunday afternoon at providence. Police responded to a reported robbery on Whitehall street, according to providence police commander Thomas Verdy four women with a one year old baby in the car, drove to Whitehall street. Two of the women walked to an address on the street, then came back to the car. That's when eighteen year old Caleb Johnson. The ex boyfriend of one of the women allegedly opened the door to the car while another man wearing a black mask allegedly pointed a shotgun at the driver. The driver reported that Johnson ripped the phone out of her hand, and she was ordered out of the car while the gunman got into the passenger seat. Police say one of the female passengers asked if she could take her baby out of the car, but was allegedly told no providence police, tell us the baby and women were in the car when the suspects took off both are, okay. Caleb johnson. And Christopher Taylor were arraigned in district court Monday on multiple felonies both face first degree robbery and conspiracy charges out of providence. In addition to the stolen vehicle and sawed off shotgun charges in Pawtucket. A juvenile was also arrested in connection with this case. One of the owners of a restaurant on federal hill is accused of trying to bribe a detective questioning him about overcrowding, an unlicensed entertainment is from pro Joe's, Amanda milk of its there were hundreds of people packed into the two story. Davinci restaurant and lounge motto. What happens at Davinci stays at Davinci and music from deejays on both floors was loud enough to stop the police around midnight this past Saturday after detective, Scott Petrosky went inside and starting asking questions Romeo. Rihanna who owns the establishments with his brother's excused himself to seat more customers. When Rihanna returned the apologize for the problems in reached out for a handshake placing a wad of cash, including. Least two hundred dollar bills in the detectives palm said major David Lapin Petrosky handed the money back said Lapin Baru HANA kept urging him to take it and tried stuffing the money in the detectives pants pockets. L? The providence strip club known as the foxy lady is being allowed to reopen. The State Department of business regulations ruled on Monday that the establishment can reopen is a nightclub without an adult entertainment. Licensed pending a meeting with the providence board of licenses to go over a business plan. The licensing board voted last week to revoke all the clubs licenses after several dancers were arrested on prostitution charges. The fire that damaged Chevrolet school buses in providence. During the time of a driver strike this past October. He's being ruled accidental providence public safety Commissioner Steven Perry explained on Monday. How investigators reached that conclusion reports indicate there was an electrical problem on the first bus in the first student yard and the fire spread to several other vehicles. Six total the fire was initially considered suspicious because of the timing seven twenty traffic and weather.

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