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Swarming the Mayfair Mall and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin after reports of gunshots and an active shooter, witnesses describing the horror inside We dropped to the ground and ran in the opposite direction and found this stairwell nearby and went down to the basement of the store, Macy's and hid there. At least eight people wounded, many wheel down on stretcher. Police are still searching for the suspected shooter. Authorities say the shooting happened. After a fight police in Norwood investigating a crash on Route one that left a pedestrian with serious injuries. Authorities say the man had just left the local sports bar when he was struck by a least one vehicle involved in a collision. The driver of the pickup truck claims the crash happened when the driver of an SUV cut him off, sending it into the man walking along the side of the road. That victim airlifted to a Boston hospital. The driver of the SUV also taken by ambulance to a local hospital. To be checked out. A man charged in a deadly hit and run in Brockton. Arraigned in court 33 year old Michael blush accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian 72 year old Marie Rose Be enemy. And then trying to cover up the evidence. Police say the enemy was crossing Pleasant Street Tuesday night when she was hit. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Police were able to identify the car from surveillance video and located it parked behind an abandoned home. Window is caved in. There was a tarp over the car in an apparent attempt to hide it. Blanche was arrested Thursday. Police say he confessed to knowing that he had hit the woman. Is charged with leaving the scene of a crash causing death. Negligent motor vehicle homicide. Among other charges. There is hope for a Corona virus vaccine coming sooner than later. Get that story coming up, 903. Let's go check the roads. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hello, Rob. Oh, Charlie, an athlete. Take a look at the drive. Still slow in 1 28 in the dead of Maria, where we have a crash. 1 28 South bound working After 109 in debt him We're also told occasionally they may need to close the ramps from 109 to get to 1 28 South 1 28 on the South Bound side. He's backed up a couple of miles. Not quite back to 1 35 in dead. Um, but it is says still jammed through. They're getting by route 109. So allow extra time. 24 95 are okay to Rhode Island, Ruth, three is OK on the south short. No complaints on the expressway 10 minutes send in downtown is quiet. The lower deck Tobin all clear out west of town. A good right on the pike north of the city, 93 south found his slow with a truck that went into a guardrail has to be removed. 93 South left Lanes said, Taken after desk in road in the end over the upper end of 1 28 is okay up through Wakefield. And Peabody. You see a crash your backup, You can always call the WBC phone force. 617701 10 30 Rob Tackle a WB disease Traffic of the three is checked the four day WBZ accurate The forecast Mad, Ben says today will be just fine Sunshine and clouds and mild will get to about 60 for a high today. But tonight.

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