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Arianna up to this point. Though I liked her music I thought she had a really weird attitude. I hated the whole doughnut. Looking thing really really gross me out and she just seemed like I mean the gross like the donut thing was gross but just listening to her and her boyfriend at the time he might have been that guy who died so. I don't WanNa be a total dick here but like the conversation just was really stupid and I was just say. Who is this chick? Like oh she's so dom- this that and the other laugh to say it's sad that it took me this horrible fucking tragedy in Manchester. That made me understand. What a honorable person. Miss Arianna Guerande is the way. She handled herself in represented our country after that horrible tragedy was amazing. She started the one. Manchester Foundation raised a ton of money for the victims and has just done so much has gone back and performed. They're showing that we can persevere that things that are horrible can end up turning us into a bunch of people in this hits really close to home even just revisiting this because of course we had that terrible shooting in Vegas a few years ago on October first and it's just you see these things on TV and it just happens all the time that it just gets closer and closer to your home so there's really good the way our on our handled herself and I'm so glad I'm on T. Mariana now because only she's amazing. Her New Song is live. Oh My Gosh. So good in twenty eighteen. Oh you can tell. These are the days of Metoo in two thousand eighteen actor. Morgan Freeman this associated. I hate it when I love an actor. He was accused of sexual harassment by several women in a CNN report. I don't remember the follow up on that. So if you remember or know please let me know. I'd love to get more information on that but I don't really remember hearing that one progressed too much whereas this one also in two thousand eighteen Harvey Weinstein turned himself into New York police to face charges of rape criminal. Sex Act sex abuse and sexual misconduct. He is still currently locked up. He'll be locked up for a long time. So justice was. I don't even want to say served. But at least he's paying he's paying because people will never get back what he took from them. So Fuck Harvey Weinstein. Damn hard like seriously. Oh Wow that was a lot. I mean Manchester Disaster Bill Cosby's Harvey Weinstein. Let me leave you with something good. Oh this is exciting. I recently interviewed one of the contestants from Bachelor. Listen to your heart. His name is brandon. And my God you guys. He's so dreamy. I really enjoyed him and a half to tell you. If you're in the mood to do some binging highly recommend bachelor. Listen to your heart. It is a musical spin on the show so the dates all incorporate all of the contestants are singer songwriters and one week. Women give the roses two guys the next week. The guys give the rose to the women so it's a very different format the dates rather than just being like generic beach walks and picnics. And Shit like that. They go to studios and record songs together. They play small clubs. They have really cool. Everything revolves around the music. So it six episodes I have to say I enjoyed every second. I have not watched the Bachelor for Probably Fifteen to twenty years. It just became too. Oh One of my favorites. I told my sister. It's so funny one thing that's the same after all these years of the bachelor every time one of the guys are one of the girls needs to interrupt a couple. They always say the same. Excuse me can I borrow so? And so for a second and the date gets up and leaves the person he's talking to go have a conversation with somebody else that's not changed and all the years but now there's music involved and they're all really talented musicians. I'm very excited for the episode. That I did with Brandon. Drop so stay tuned for that. He spilled a lot of reality. Tv T and it was shocking to hear his perspective on what happened versus what happened in the editors room. Oh my God so stay tuned for that. That's coming soon as is a bonus episode. I did with Ashley from the Instagram Account. At Baby Ben Cohen Ashley and I did a Beverly Hills recap so that's coming soon. Also that does it floor. Install gic throwbacks from this week. Entertainment history for this week's birthdays. I would've never mentioned this except for the most recent Beverly Hills episode. John Wayne a birthday. He was born in one thousand nine hundred seven. Do I care about John Wayne or do I think you care about John Wayne? Probably not? But just a throwback to this week's Beverly Hills. We heard that Kyle's house her real estate. She's so boring. I didn't even pay attention to what she said. But something about her real estate having to deal with John Wayne back in the day. 'cause houses from the eighteen hundreds which is fucking cool wasted on. Kyle but then Erica Gerardus husband. Tom said that he had been in a movie or a picture as he said in very grandpa terms that he had done a picture with was it. Pat Wayne something like that. I was kind of bored but well John Wayne was an icon in America. This restaurant that I went to in La called. I think it's Muso and Franks was featured a lot in that movie once upon a time in Hollywood when you sit in one of the rooms. They it overlooks outside area. Like a little parking area and it's weird. John Wayne used to park his horse and he used to sit at that table. So we could watch horse. Isn't that kind of a fun. Hollywood story Yeah Muso and Franks such a Hollywood iconic spot if you're ever in Hollywood and things are open and safe to go to check out zone. Franks if you love a steakhouse anyway in one thousand nine hundred sixty four lenny. Kravitz was born. He's fifty six Helena Bonham Carter of course from. Oh I love her movie. She was in the Fight Club. She was in the king's speech. Harry she is fifty four this year Queen Kylie Minogue. People say that she's like the Madonna of England. Well she turns fifty two this year. Oh my gosh. What Bob. She had in the late nineties. Early two thousands just cake to my head. Oh my God Mazing let's talk about amazing. Can we talk about how Naomi Campbell is? Fifty years old goals goals goals. I mean Naomi Campbell in the George Michael Freedom Video. That video was so good. Naomi is absolute life. So Happy Fiftieth. She's half a century old. Isn't that crazy to think? About real housewives of Dallas's Christie Rice is forty nine. Happy Birthday to her in seventy one met stone. One of the writers and creators of one of my favorite cartoons ever South Park was born. He's forty nine will Sasso. I love this comedian. He did the ten minute podcast with Bryan callen and Chris Delia for years and years and I am just such a fan of his comedy will. Sasso is forty six. This Week Lauren. Hill turns forty five. Oh my Gosh miseducation of Lauryn Hill one of the greatest albums the Fujii's of so many Bob's one of my favorite song to Karaoke to is killing me softly. Oh I really feel that I pour my heart and my soul into that song and it's just so good happy forty fifth to Lauren Hill. Oh and this one is so freaking sad and I am so sad that I only know this person. This young man because of his untimely death Cameron Boys. He is an actor. He's done a ton of television. I guess he has a movie coming out this year. It says he's credited with the projects mirrors and Jesse he was born in Hollywood in nineteen ninety nine and died last year in two thousand nineteen. Isn't that horrible? He was He should have been twenty one years old this week. So hearts go out to the family and friends of Cameron. Boys can't imagine how hard that must be. Oh well sorry to leave you on that. But that's just how a role sometimes thank you. I love you guys are tuning into on this day. Entertainment the podcast for all your TV and pop. Culture Nostalgia and news from today and yesterday..

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