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If on new year's eve or any other party night yeah you know i just want to pull the plug on era would dot org right now i that was a resource for me and a lot of people um to know what drugs are kind of more uh or less risky to to mix with um as i just want to give them a shout out also users just up a point that make that you know something that we at the drug policy lines like to bring up often and that's that drug effects are predictable i mean this is like the whole kind of point on prohibition and you know one of the arguments against it i mean one of the many but the fact that the the problems that that really come up most often with people who are who are using illegal drugs is the fact that they don't know what they're taking they don't know the dosage they don't know the purity and it's completely impossible to really know what to expect when you don't have that information whereas when you take to add those the kind of got an algiers you take to at bill you know it's pure you know it's from a regulated source you know each pills two hundred milligrams in the recommended dose for an adult is four hundred milligrams you take two of them you can expect for your headache to go away and if you take twenty of them you know you'll expect other you know really adverse effects so it's just really frustrating because people say like oh my god they you know this when when when we talk about your work specifically likes tragically there's always every year a few people dying from overdoses or at least with are called overdoses at music festivals and a lot of them are preventable one because the point i was just making somebody just takes way too much because they just don't know what they have.

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