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And someone is clutching his me. I mean, it's not that if you're not paying attention you're gonna trip on it. So that's a little bit unusual and for the kickers if you're on one hash or the other it is going to feel differently because most fields today are. Lat. This one is not it's a good old mid western long. Basically, it's not hybrid turf. It's manicured grass and part of the reason why that's a big deal. Why we're talking about it? Because guys are thinking about that. Whether it's going on the field making a tackle off the field as soon as they get near the edge. They're thinking, okay. This fields raised where am I put my feet where my putting my hands. So you're making guys think about one extra thing that they're not used to thinking of versus the northwestern. Wildcats are used to playing on this field is their home turf. So that it sounds small, but everything matters when you're playing elite level football, nine minutes, thirty seconds and counting now with the north western band out of the field is Jackson pointed out Irish and the Wildcats getting set to kick it off interesting inside the top ten here today here Ryan, we're always thinking about our game and keep an eye on other scores denied the TV. Michigan just behind gutter Dame there at number five in the college football playoff. Just having their way with Penn State up forty forty two to nothing forty two. Again, a win for a win for Notre Dame looking better and better as we go. Maybe Notre Dame should have been ranked number one. I don't know. And also, I think needing to look good here tonight. Yes to keep people's minds off of what Michigan did just behind him. Yeah. That as well. But the best news for Notre Dame. And this is the fun part. You know, people always say don't watch the scoreboard. Don't watch the score. Forget that you get to watch the scoreboard because you're in it because it matters because your rank number four and Alabama's playing LSU. So maybe once in the blue moon now Notre Dame fans get to be Bama fans roll tide tonight. Get those one loss Tigers out from in front of us. And let us move up a little bit you go. That would be nice eight minutes now twenty five seconds and counting before northwestern plays host to unbeaten and fourth ranks Notre Dame and in a matter of moments here, we're going to get you back to the studio. Get you updated on board than just the Michigan and Penn State game for the college football scoreboard. We're looking out to the field now purple tunnel leading out to the field through the far end zone. Once are left getting ready for northwestern to run out with their band lining. The middle of the field really there on the hashes from the ten all the way to the fifty forming an extension to that tunnels. We look and see the captains for northwestern. Getting ready to run out. Also, we got across from us a mezzanine here there shirtless on the mezzanine some of the students have their shirts off. I can't believe they're doing it forty degrees. Freezing out there about two hours ago north Western's lineman offensive and defensive linemen ran out with sleeveless shorts. You know, how you guys think it's a vacillating gain. You put vaseline on your arms your ears your fingers, your inner thighs. You gotta stay warm all over that vastly locks in the heat. No need it tonight. All right, seven minutes and twenty seconds and counting before Notre Dame. And northwestern kick it off here at Ryan.

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