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Iheartradio. Nine seventy WFL as it's six thirty good morning I'm Chris Franklin Ohio race too close, to call. Story coming up first let's get an update on the. Roads here's daisy ash between traffic center powered by, Burgess heating and air. Looks like we're up to speed. On I seventy five it's about fourteen minutes from fifty six to I four no accidents report. On our area bridges we're quiet on the southbound Suncoast Parkway veterans expressway. Combo and it's a smooth ride on the sellman. Into downtown St Louis. Sixty in eastern Hillsborough county that remains. Closed with rail across her pairs just east of Clarence Gordon junior road continue. To use old Hopewell road instead and there. Was a hit and run it trouble, creek in u. s. nineteen daisy ashes radio nights He's a thirty percent chance of storms during the afternoon highs. It ninety. Two seventy nine degrees at NewsRadio, nine seventy WFL, a news is a service of the Benatti spine. Institute it's. Still too close, to call, in. Ohio's special election for the twelfth. Congressional, district although Republican Troy balder Sohn has. A narrow. One percent lead democratic candidate Danny O'Connor spoke to his supporters and promised that the fight will. Continue to the. November election where both candidates will face off again there, were primaries in several other states the. Republican primary for governor President Trump's pick, of secretary of, state Chris back is in a tight race also too close. To call against governor Jeff Collier. The winner there will face democrat state legislator. Laura Kelly over to Michigan President Trump is congratulating the attorney general who won. The GOP primary race for governor they're tweeting congratulations to Bill Schutte Schutte faces democrat state, legislature Gretchen Whitmer in November Whitmer actually. Was not the candidates that was backed by the Sanders can't. Griff Jenkins with the primary recap Paul county deputies are on. Their way to Arizona to arrest a man who tried. To lure a thirteen year old winter haven girl to Tucson to be a sex. Slave sheriff Grady Judd says Kevin doc called himself the night wolf so. Kevin meets this young lady online he grooms her which is the normal protocol he says very nasty vile things to her she. Says, nasty vile things back and then he, tells her these magic words I want you to be my sex. Life the judge says the girls parents discovered her plans to take a bus to Tucson. The day. Before she was set to leave, undercover deputies. Set up a. Meeting with doc and he was arrested he'll be brought back to Paul county to. Face charges. To Clearwater residents are dead and, a child is, hurt After a crash a highway patrol says Mirasol Garcia ran a stop sign this week in a latch. County her car was hit by another vehicle the thirty. Nine year old and Clearwater resident forty. Year old Robin, Rivera Ribaud th killed the. Ten year old Derek, Garcia was taken to. The hospital, with, critical injuries Tallahassee. Judge stops short of an injunction against a, state law limiting the number of medical marijuana. Operators ads even though Leon county Judge Charles Dodson said the cap on medical cannabis treatment centers directly contradicts the amendment passed by voters in two thousand sixteen new service of, Florida reporting the judge. Also struck down other parts of the law including a requirement that. Each provider has to grow its own pot Sarasota county Commissioner is reminding voters about a bond referendum to extend a popular. Bike trail voters. Will decide in, November if the county should spend sixty five million dollars to extend. The legacy trail and other nine miles north to. Pain park in Sarasota the, funds would, be used to buy land, for construction of the, trail from, Ashton road north the fruitvale road each year about two. Hundred thousand cyclists and runners use the, trail currently runs from the historic train depot in Venice to, Culverhouse nature park in Sarasota Ricco show NewsRadio nine. Seventy WFL a customers of Duke Energy in Florida now. Have the option of keeping their old analog power meter if, they pay extra the public service commission has, approved an opt out, tariff, for people who refuse to allow the installation of a smart meter Henry Mary day the PSE says.

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