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Here's our top story. It's a day of twists and turns on Capitol Hill as supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh moves closer to joining the high court, the judiciary committee approves the nomination along party lines. KTAR Mark Carlson tells us an era Zona Senator wants a further investigation of cavenaugh, and the GOP majority is going along with it earlier today. Arizona Senator Jeff flake told the judiciary committee. He wanted the FBI to look further into sexual assault allegations against the nominee before moving the nomination to the full Senate. I think it would be proper to delay the four vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the FBI continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there the full Senate votes. Postponed for a week as federal investigators conduct a background check on cavenaugh Mark Carlson. KTAR news valley political expert says the whole cabinet on confirmation process is showing the world how divided the US is stand. Barnes says the no compromise mentality has to stop even the most partisan person has got to draw breasts and say, we're better than this as a country. This is a horrible way to run the United States Senate Barnes says he's hoping after this thing start looking up a ten year old boy was accidentally shot and you're thirty three and Greenway road. Phoenix police say the boy was standing outside of a car when someone inside accidentally fired a gun. Police say the investigation is ongoing. No one is under arrest. No word on the boy's condition and off-duty border patrol agent has pled guilty to starting the two thousand seventeen southern Arizona sawmill fire that burned more than forty five thousand acres Thirty-seven-year-old. Dennis Dickey who accidentally sparked the fire while shooting targets has. Agreed to pay more than eight million dollars in restitution. He'll be sentenced next month. Let's get a check on traffic. Here's strong Klein from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Well, the freeways have really calmed down. Ashley things are moving right along that crash still is in Tempe. Two two westbound approaching priests, but it's off to the left and not in the way, we are picking up the pieces and Chandler almost school at the.

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