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CMG are in VR is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in nineteen fifty three so I guess I was not aware that he was first in novels before the film's. Yeah yeah he was he he wrote like in Fleming Rhode like two or three books that he wrote Casino Royal and like on Her Majesty's Secret Service and Dr Dr No in some version of that order and and they were kind of like they didn't go anywhere like there's GonNa hit the marketplace and they died and then it it became like I think it was John F. Kennedy interview with Playboy magazine back in the day and John Kennedy was like my favorite books are James His bond books and suddenly became oh well if president screws a lot really likes the books then there must be something going on yeah and then suddenly they became bestsellers. Are you telling me that John F. Kennedy was the first influence her I think so I think tagged up posts read any of the original novel. I read like five or six of them. They're shorter than the movies. They are like crazy misogynist. I mean like that's that is that is they're very much a product of their time in that like James Bond loved Jamaica because Ian Fleming Love Jamaica like you would like he would summer. Are there or winter there or whenever you can go there and so like reading Goldfinger which is all set in Jamaica. You're like oh like it's Kinda Yeah Yeah. I mean like sure we'll go to the Bahamas and that's going to be different but no. It's just like it becomes. He's got like a black lack buddy. WHO's not really a buddy. He's more like a waiter. Slash chauffeur's slash valet and yeah and every woman is kind of disposable you know and it's it is bringing that to the modern era is a challenge. I think is the and you see these James Bond movies as you go you go back and look at the Sean Connery's and they still retain that vestige the jove of old school feelings about masculinity and femininity Daniel Craig and it's like listen. You'RE GONNA have sex with the lady but it's not GonNa be as unfortunate as it had been brass. Yeah it seems like as it moved forward in time it went from the bond girls to the bond girl right. I mean there. There would still be the like does he have to sleep with like three women yes like and there's always like the bond girl who dies early fate his adventure. I'm really motivated. Now that woman now that I can't even remember who she was. She's dead and now revenge must happen and then there's like the good blunt bond girl who managed to survive the adventure so that she can miss the James Bond before the closing credits. That's the way that goes which is not enlightened lightened just a couple of things about Ian Fleming who created him so he was a naval intelligence officer and while working for Britain's naval intelligence elegance division during the Second World War Fleming was involved in planning operation golden eye as we can see where that came from also didn't know at the first bond novel was Casino Royale and that is actually my favorite bond fell really. Have you seen both versions of Casino Royale. Oh I didn't see the original aw Yeah No. The original is weird because it was Daniel Craig. Yeah there is like there's James Bond is played by David. I you think and then there's Jimmy Bond guy played by Woody Allen. Oh Boy Yeah No. This was the whole thing I thought this was going to be when you said Jimmy Bond I thought it was. I thought this was like a man and aqua. Lads is my boss. Jimmy go get him. It's not good okay so casino. Royale dropped the the novel dropped April one thousand nine hundred eighty three so that was the first one that was the first James Bond novel Paul Fleming Ended Up Writing Twelve novels in two short story collections his final to being the man with the golden gun that came out in nineteen sixty. Five and octopussy still wild name. I'd still still wild and the living daylights that came out in nineteen sixty six the he used I used to I think they might still do they would always have premieres of those movies in London. Royal Albert Hall and was always a thing where like the Queen and the prince would come to the screenings screenings because it was a whole like it's it's the biggest character that that ever came out of Britain. Maybe Harry Potter might now be like number two. They might be fighting for number one at some point but it was a national event when a bond movie would come out and so the in Goldfinger they there's a character in Goldfinger named Pussy Galore and so and they were concerned about whether or not they would like. Can we put this movie out with this cartoon. Pussy Galore and then when the Queen saw the movie and then went to like the Broccoli's who produce these movies is good character Pussy Galore. We got the queen to say Pussy Galore and like Octopussy is a name that the queen to say and I remember reading some interview with Daniel Craig being somewhat concerned that the queen who would still go see bond movies by the time you got to casino sooner. Hell is going to watch him. Get bashed in the nuts over and over the queen's watchmen bollocks besmirched in. I remember that scene so I left to the left speaking of James Bond. Can you talk a little bit about his him. His character I mean James Bond is he is a well also that name sorry because that's not his name right John Well. It kind of it kind of is there's there's two theories. The theory is that like every every actor who comes in and plays James Bond is playing the same guy right like is sean connery and minutes. It's George Lazenby and then it's Roger Moore and then it's here's President Pierce Brosnan and then there was Timothy to be Dalton in there for a second. There's just playing the same character as it goes or are. There is the idea of the James Bond codename James Bond is that goes with a double o seven identity like there's there's nine agents have the licensed to kill of which 007 double o seven. James Bond is one of them every time James Bond dies. Somebody else takes that identity and then moves on and does the things we dr who in that way but James Bond is he was an orphan he was raised sort of you know in in in some things feeling luxury but not quite he he joined during the military young age because that's kind of what at least in this world orphan's do rose up the ranks and then was sort of a blunt instrument like he he was never like the spy spy ever. He was never like like I'm gonNA weather's awesome suit and infiltrate zelma shoot a bunch of people maybe punch him in the face a lot recruited into the into the special service which is the double-o section section which there's one guy named 'em who kind of calls all the missions and there's a guy in Cuba whose quartermaster and gives them all of his weapons and doodads and whatever and there was the the executive decorative assistant who is always called Secretary Miss Moneypenny who would always be his sort of like in-house flirtation lady and then he would always he would start on a mission that was kind of not really connected to anything he would go and talk to 'em he get his big mission and then Goff into the world and like Globe Trot- which is a big part of what made those movies especially work because nobody got to travel the sixties and seventies like who's got money to Istanbul or Duchamp Bay or Tokyo were Cairo or or skiing in the Alps and so those movies were vicarious. He is thrilled for people like I've never seen that place. What's Venice like James Bond went events and now I kind of know and so people would go to see those movies like vacation in a weird crazy way. I mean I feel that way now with the with the with millennials now you can travel. We'll know I feel like that is like like the kind of Lake. The core of a lot of art is like you know we often talk about. You know the escapism of it but also just living vicariously league I remember when when I was a when I was a team the there was a game that was called a true crime streets of La and they had all the different La streets treats and I didn't have my driver's license yet so I would like drive around the streets like not solving crimes and all this stuff but just to Magin what it'll be like when I have my driver's driver's license driving around. La Solving cry I saw that more crimes irl than in the but yeah so so there's that that kind of beauty of art of just like seeing these beautiful places an and experiencing them even though you can't physically experience them yeah yeah and the the bond novels especially in the movies sort of after the fashion were aspirational. I think to like a generation of men for good in for ill the good of it is James. Bond really liked dressed well and he lived well liked good food and like it's a weird like Somalia's guide to wine and stuff flick. Those books are all like he's super refined super feet super like you know well. You wouldn't have the fifty four Rothschild before a stake my God what kind of barbarian all you dude like. You're a killer but but and that's that's sort of how it helped. Titans playboy playboy was also very much like here's here's the guy that you kind of WanNa. Be Like you say you should dress. Here's the party should go to. Here's The music you should listen to. Here's the books you should read. here's the women you should want to consort with. If James Bond fit right into their like he he was the the guy you want it to be. that changes over time you know and especially the as is the more diverse a audience gets the less they might want to just be that guy you know. James Bond May or may not eventually actually change with those times because there is no good reason why James Bond if it's going to be played by a bunch of different actors yeah could also be played by a person of color yeah and now that's a that's been the interesting conversation and and we'll I'll I'll save that one because there's stuff about the new one that I definitely want to dig into and you yeah yeah and I definitely want your thoughts on but when we come back we're GonNa talk about you know the Double-o call sign kind of what that means and get all into at that meeting stuff. See you in a bit. Hey Danny. We're pretty busy aren't we. We are two of the busiest people that I know if you it was something that has helped as I started using zap year which kind of automates all my different APPS that I use for my different stuff whether it'd be the emails. The podcast has stuff. They even have a connection for twitch things to which is Pearl Yeah There's one zap that I have where if I get a email with an attachment it automatically adds it to my google drive which is perfect because now I don't have to just go back and search every time I need to find the show doc. It's just waiting for me in Google so it connects. It's all of your business software into one place..

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