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Oh 61 to San Francisco. Bloomberg, 9 62, the country Sirius, XM Channel 1, 19. And around the Globe, The Bloomberg Business Out and Bloomberg Radio Duck car. This is Bloomberg It is 6 30 on Wall Street. Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager and I'm Karyn Moscow, where just about three hours away from the opening of US trading. Let's get you up to date in the news. You need to know at this hour we have a winner in the Democratic race for New York City Mayor After more than two weeks of waiting. All the rain choice votes have been counted. Let's get the latest live from Bloomberg's re needed young. Good morning. Renee to Good Morning Karen. After eight rounds of voting. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wins the Democratic primary for mayor of New New York City. He claimed 50.5% of the vote, edging out former Sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia, who received 49.5% Adams, who's a former New York Police Department captain, campaigned on reducing crime and restoring the quality of life in the city. His primary wind shows the strength of a diverse coalition is built. That included unions, conservative voters and black and Latino leaders in New York. I'm rainy day young Bloomberg daybreak. All right, we need a thanks. There's also major political news out of Washington were learning. Russian government hackers breached the Republican National Committee's computer systems last week here with details as Bloomberg Washington correspondent Joe Matthew Sources tell Bloomberg the government hackers were part of a group known as cozy bear. That group has been tied to Russia's Foreign intelligence service and has previously been accused of breaching the Democratic National Committee in 2016. I talked about it with Rick Jordan of the I. T Security firm Reach Out Technologies on Bloomberg Sound all the thing that's really alarming as cozy bear first attack solar winds towards the end of last year, 2020 And that was one of the big hacks have been infiltrated the US government. It's not known what data the hackers viewed or stole, if any, and RNC spokesman denied its systems were breached. Joe Matthew Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Joe, thanks and now Russia is denying any involvement with that cyber attack. The Kremlin says it's in contact with the U. S on the matter. Meantime, in China today, the crackdown on tech companies is gathering steam, Bloomberg News has learned. Beijing is closing a loophole long used by the country's technology giants. Regulators are planning rule changes of lock Chinese companies from listing overseas even if the unit selling shares has incorporated outside China. Well, that news has dd slumping again this morning. Shares of the Chinese ride hailing APP fell 20% yesterday as Beijing looked to remove DD from APP stores. The shares are down another 3% this morning and so far lost about $15 billion of market value. Futures this morning on the rise s and P futures of about five points now, features of 13 NASDAQ futures up 60 and Straight ahead. We have a check of your local headlines as well as sports, and this is Bloomberg. It's 6 33 on Wall Street we bring in Michael Bar for Look at what else is going on in New York and around the world, Michael thank you very much. In the New York City Council member Brad Lander, who won the endorsements of.

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