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Film study and showing these guys stuff and you're absolutely right seth lugo was on a pitch count tonight couldn't have stayed out there that many that much longer and if the yankees had done something similar like the mets did in the first inning with were they jump on and got what was it thirty one pitches i think in the first innings at the mets racked up with luis severino and ultimately that leads to him getting yanked after after five innings but how about earlier in the season i know i've watched plenty of yankee games this year where they have driven up the pitch count you know earlier in the season they were driving a pitch counts and reminding me of the paul o'neil yankees so this team has that in them they certainly do but there are nights where you do tip your cap to assess lou though who is throwing the ninety six mile an hour fastball seemed to have great control of it and then has just a wicked curve ball with one of the highest spin rates in all of baseball and obviously it was doing something to the to the to the batters and and there is when you talk about a stanton you know something also is that when you have a picture with control who's dealing and then you get an unpire who's giving him a generous strike zone then you're a hitter like stanton and you're standing up there and you're getting called strike called out on strikes then you start swinging so i hear you but seth lugo was terrific tonight and some of that sure could the yankee hitters have been better could they have tried to rack up the pitch count more what form four fewer games than the than the red sox and so essentially on average run per game have the most average runs per game scored of any team in baseball so it's not like the offense is is a total disaster i know it's super frustrating when you see all the strike outs i get that let's go to about philip in jamaica what's going on philip how are you taking my call that a big fan of yours.

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