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Mosconi center in San Francisco, Doug, sovereign KCBS, the. The fremont. Fire department remains on the scene of a burning railroad trestle south of Dumbarton bridge. Fire officials say the blaze appears to have started as a grass fire, and then spread to the long out of service trestle. The three quarter acre, fire reported after five o'clock Sunday evening spread to the trestle at around seven thirty nearly one hundred yards of the railroad bridge had spurned the cost of the blaze has not been determined but fire officials say likely was human caused just ahead on KCBS. The latest on the teachers strike in union city. Right now. We want to check your drive we go to the KCBS traffic center and Alden. Jacob Palo Alto, one, one boat directions, between embark Darrow road and willow road. You have the two left lanes blocked for paving and both directions are looking pretty rough northbound one one's almost backed up from San Antonio road. And southbound one zero one is back to a little bit before willow road. It's looking really rough to eighty both directions and El Camino rail both looking great alternates signal six eighty southbound. They are doing some pothole repair work and so that sets down one lane. That's not going to be open until five o'clock reportedly. So it is looking really rough in this section adjust before you hit highway eighty four then conquered eastbound four at willow pass road. You have a car that is out of gas in the center divide. Luckily, it's not really slowing things down too much and Venetia sale southbound six eighty seven eighty if a car that crashed in the wall and ended up on the right shoulder, but the problem is the driver's door is open. That's blocking the right lane. Your next traffic update at eleven eighteen on the traffic leader, KCBS your KCBS bay area forecast. Mostly cloudy at the coast overnight, mostly clear away from the beaches, overnight, lows in the fifties.

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