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To the north of high of ninety saturday warm and humid thunderstorms likely a high of eighty five sunday warm humid a chance for storms a high of eighty eight monday storms early high of eighty five degrees in waukesha it's eightytwo in milwaukee it's eighty degrees brewers pirates tonight jeff levering will be on the call and he is with us from pittsburgh good afternoon jeff good morning everybody how we doing today hey jeff did you just wake up i wish i did i mean it feels like it's still morning we got about five thirty this morning and we're ready to go from miami back and back up to the steel city yeah no kidding you i've loved some of your calls we were talking about this earlier today i just love the ingenuity and what you say you don't like the same call every time one guy goes deep you think about that on the spot is that spontaneous or is it something you work about and think about when you're not on the air you know i don't really think about it to be honest with you john i kinda i call it as i see it to be honest with you and if you're in reference to the twenty first home i love here's my favorite and i dropped a blackjack on it and i just realized that looked down on my scoresheet i said okay he's got twenty home runs it's twenty one a blackjack so that's why i said it it just kinda came up with that i didn't really think about it beforehand we've been playing that on the air here it's just so fun to hear that hey let me ask you about pittsburgh really quick before we ask you about a couple of individual guy seven and thirteen in the last twenty games but they have won three of their last four how dangerous is this pittsburgh team it's a really good team it's resilient club and they don't strike out a lot they hit singles they don't hit a lot of home runs or very pesky offense much like the one that the brewers just sell at the miami marlins starting martinez really hot at the moment he's on a seven game hitting streak twelve years last twenty six he's always a tough out against the brewers they're loading up the lineup today with a bunch of right handers against wade miley this pittsburgh team there is a long time with the brewers just dominated the pirates they'd go out there and it didn't matter who was on the brewers roster they would go out and smoke the pirates it's not the case anymore he's teams play pretty evenly contested ballgames nowadays jeff other than the obvious injuries and you have to make moves on the roster and whatnot what do you make of the way that david stearns and craig counsel have have just turned over that that that bottom part of the roster and that bullpen rarely does a week go by that they are making moves three more today aside from the obvious injury related move that team has to make what is your your take on how they handle this well i think it's kind of a trend in baseball to be honest with you every team manipulates the roster to the best ability they have forty man roster for a reason those guys can come up and come down as much as the the organization wants them to because of the options and and in the recalls the way that they're able to use those on any given day back in the day just a few years ago you could only bring a guy up three times and send it back down three times over the course of a season otherwise they'd be suspect to waivers so now that you can have unlimited times if the guy can go up and down and you can bring up ten different times over the course of the year and it's all dependent on matchups with the team that you're playing against and it's just the way the baseball is and i don't think the brewers are doing is any different than maybe the cubs or the cardinals or anybody else's is manipulating the rosters it's matchups and for the brewers had a guy throws innings last night or hey lopez he's not going to be available today you gotta have some arms when you're.

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