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You can't see anywhere else all coming soon in two thousand and twenty one only so for those of you listening on the iheartradio app in foreign land you will not be able to see discovery plus but for those of you listening here in the united states. yes you will. Discovery channel plus Okay rob we were talking before the break about what the steelers should do with ben rothlisberger big ben and is it time to move on again if you're not at the top and not at the bottom trying to get to the top you're really in no man's land detroit lions and they've kind of been at the bottom and can't climb out you find yourself looking up and you can't get out are the steelers in danger of getting there because they're not going to move. This is what they are. We're seeing it and when they get to the playoffs. It'll be proven. Let's see if anybody wants to comment on that raw. Eight seven seven nine hundred nine on. Fox's the number. Let's go to joe in stockton california. You're on the couple fox sports radio what you got joe. Oh man is absolutely gone with First of all you gotta you gotta ripe. I get off campus. I go straight and then bring him in and trae less than the draft was paid on because they want amy play. Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. Okay so wait. Aren't you playing the name game. Aren't you playing the name game. let's get let's get. You might be the wrong answer. He's not playing. He didn't play new orleans by but he has great potential. And i just think that the teams give up on her to bed too fast and it doesn't i just think that he'd be a perfect transition big. Got the arm strength. Trae laszlo be a comment just like jalen came in. The kid has a super potential. And he's gonna drop because they're gonna they're gonna say oh you only play one game just like everybody. To play. sang wasn't complaining. No doubt i think he can play. And he's too young not to get another opportunity fred at some point and i know they didn't play him because they gave type taste some hill all that money and i guess they had to justify why you give them that money if you're not gonna play 'em you know when the time comes which they did. Alex in oregon. You're on the odd couple fox. Sports radio was up. Alex rob fred. How are you doing great. How are you good to hear at. I'm great. Thanks on the way how i think about this Thing with big ben and it and it seems like as in today's great quarterbacks they play.

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