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About right now this is something that people with their families can take action on to be prepared here in Minnesota the statewide tornado drill is scheduled for Thursday president trump is launching a new task force this week focused on restarting the economy and perhaps easing social distancing protocols as early as next month but federal health officials are cautioning against re opening the economy too early which they say could trigger a resurgence of infection president trump has said he wants at least some parts of the country to start returning to normal in eighteen days FDA commissioner Dr Steven Hahn says he's not ready to commit to that yet it's just too early for us to say whether may first is that date in an interview on ABC's this week Dr Hahn says the US is close to its peak of virus cases but he cautioned against me king predictions this is been a very fast moving outbreak and so we really have to take this day by day says Han the public safety and welfare of the American people have to come first in Washington Martin to Carrow Bloomberg radio the state department of health says six more people have died from covert nineteen here in Minnesota raising the state's number of corona virus related deaths to seventy health officials also say one hundred ninety four digital people tested positive that's the largest one day increase in the state we will get an update today from health officials and the governor during their regularly scheduled two o'clock press briefing we will bring you live coverage of that here also on the radio dot com app there is a different landscape of course in downtown's all across the country including here in Minneapolis with bars restaurants and other businesses shuttered because of restrictions there are fewer people but the downtown council Steve Kramer says the streets are completely vacant with folks milling around who have no place else to go you might be shocked residents they might be on shelter and so we're working with a number of partners most prominently salvation army harbor light because I create some options and some sanitation and food services for folks that don't have any place else to go during the day to the end and the average works thank you that it produces wealth Kramer says there have been fewer personal crimes reported but there has been an uptick in break ins and burglaries and shuttered downtown businesses and Steve Sampson a news talk eight threo WCCO good morning WCCO time is seven thirty four here on the morning news Mike Max will join us in just a few minutes and we'll find out what's happening in the world of sports it should match she has for you today he's been managing to dig up stories I'm telling you I don't know how because there's not a lot going on but I think they're playing in China baseball right now with no crowds if I'm not mistaken and I'm sure the major league did not only the players are watching that and Mitch Garber is but also I betcha you obviously the the higher ups at Major League Baseball gotta be watching to see how that said go on as well so we'll talk about them coming up at seven forty here on WCCO this morning another snow fall not the most I've seen so far this morning would be empire lake now at least in the this is the metro area so prior lake right now they have over eight inches of snow so I'm sorry what was that hammer the wrong button I thought my body camera was talking to me either no I am this trend isn't here I hit the wrong button so it's my fault I thought that you were wanting to jump in on the conversation which you're more than welcome to have a strong city Dave I can understand that have you watched Ozark yet you don't ironically just started this weekend at rouse told us last week that season three is like great I saw if you like the other seasons he said this one's better I I'm forces in I don't know what to make of the five no not that I'm gonna finish season just gotta figure out from there you're on season one that right yeah I mean if I stand for ups of the season one so far yeah yes so it's it's it's a little bit dark is no but it's really good just abatements really good Laura Linney gets even better I think she's been very underrated as an actor yeah I'm with you man very good but all right well yeah just after I dated tip you off to that and we'll talk to map to see what's hot because hammer did you watch did you watch tiger king no that's the plan for you to work today there's another episode the came out last night I'm told yes I'm also told by my sources it didn't have a whole lot to it but there's more to come on tiger king and we're gonna ask Matt Roush about that about fifteen minutes I'm intrigued by this yeah have you watch love is blind yet I haven't done that one yet okay well it doesn't require a ton of brain cells and so if you really want some white watching that's it for a good neighbor right there I'll put that list of things I need to see Jones quarantine yeah it's a it's a reality show it's kind of like you know in a way like the bachelor okay if they don't see each other they they they don't only get to meet after one proposes without seeing one another I I it's so it's I can see anywhere that goes wrong it's that that it's that thing you don't want to look at that you keep looking at okay that's all it is Hey Mike Max is coming up in a minute here don't forget to follow along all day long on Twitter at the morning news and Facebook and make sure you check out Facebook dot com slash Dave Lee so and I know a lot he left some really nice matches is for Mikey Lynch when he announced his retirement last week and you sure can keep doing that if you have no chance at all might keep check on those and he loved to see that I W. C. show time is seven thirty seven bring application true green will take care of your lawn you take care of you here's your forecast on newstalk eight threo WCCO true green companies cloudy and windy today looking at the height of thirty seven percent flurries possible tonight partly cloudy low of twenty three Tuesday mostly cloudy unseasonably cold yet looking at high of only thirty five once it warms up only content with all the intervals of.

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