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Single brave tronto police officer exemplifying the best of toronto's first responders and it is but one of the many acts of selflessness of which we have learned showing the bravery and kindness of torontonians as they confronted devastating act of murder on the streets tronto is a strong city and its residents will have our support as they rallied together not just an anger or grief but in solidarity the honorable member eglinton lawrence the people of my hometown of toronto our grief stricken today in the wake of a senseless horrifying and criminal act that took ten innocent lives and left many more injured shattering a peaceful city to our first responders we are profoundly grateful for your service encourage in the moment of truth you stared down danger with professionalism and bravery that we felt question save lives prevented further injury and kept our city safe i hope all members will join me in expressing support and solidarity for the good people at tronto especially the mothers and fathers and spouses and children who lost someone they love we are with you and together we will emerge from this more united than ever toronto eglinton lawrence liberal mp markle mendocino before that you heard conservative leader andrew scheer and starting off speaker jeff regan we heard the mp's they're referred who toronto constable ken lamb without firing a single shot the toronto police officer forced the suspect behind yesterday's deadly van attack to surrender asher din was the first witness on the scene of that tense standoff reached him earlier today in toronto asha you know that today this police officer constable ken lam is being called a true hero who deserves a medal would you agree with that after what you saw yet hundred hundred percent with what did you see tell us what we've seen your foot 'age.

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