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Let's smarter midnight vigils nation. Thanks for i was gonna break there. We're speaking with the world famous. Charlie cook and we're gonna talk about gun grams here for just a minute. Now tell me again people on all but one continent have actually seen this your gun grams. And you're actually working on that. Tell us about that for just a minute. Our right so the first time. I saw some early gun grams. I got an email from someone. It's one of these things. I made a video. And i put it on my social media and my friends all my other first one. The second one i really did was happy birthday and i shot an ar on at the end of every line kids. Cia when they sing birthday. I fucking hate that. I hate it as a musician. And i hate it as a parent. Yes so i figured i. It was one of my friend's son's birthday. So i figured i would go one of these and i put the tripod off and my pull out the trump and i put my ar. And just film me playing bombs. So i put that on youtube and everyone's on my god that's awesome. That's cool can you do one for my birthday. What about tv theme song. Which do this song are you taking requests. So that was in two thousand fifteen. And i'm gonna say that summer. I cranked out fifty different gun grams and it was. Yeah it was really cool. I got a couple of calls from some radio stations. And i had some head of video on on god show on cbs. I forget what was called but it was that was really cool and then i ended up having on comedy central as well. That's an interesting story. You mentioned that was on a game show right with chris hardwick at midnight and he brings in comedians. They play videos of people and one night. One of my friends was up late at night. And she's on my god i was. She's an anti gun wacko. she's like. I couldn't sleep i'm watching tv just cruising through the remote. Seeing what else is on tv. And and i see you on comedy central. I'm like what she's like some weird game show and i'm like this crazy talk so she put it up on our phone. I'm like holy crap. That's totally cool. And they played to gun grimm's they played the addams family so i played album and then the other one was the mario theme that he played foam. Go ahead i was just the most amazing to me is number one. I that's an ingenious idea. Okay but i don't know. I don't know which ones cooler the fact that you're firing off a gun or that you can play the trump at one hand. Both amazing to me go ahead. Sorry man advantage for twenty five years. And i've i'm really a trombone player..

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