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Yeah a he. He's on my shirtless too. I think that probably he can get paid somewhere. There's not that much cap space out there. But there's just enough In the mavericks do have gaps based make bad decisions. The the only two names on my list. And then i guess i meant just ask more broad the woods for do we think the celtics need now because i do think a wing a three four hybrid who can take some pressure off of jalen and jason might be nice not a third star too big three but someone who is competent. And perhaps you could get with the exception or a minimum gala. Nari perhaps doesn't really show up in the playoffs but just to show the load in the regular season that might be nice and justice winslow. I i think that's a cool flyer. I think that this is a season to take fliers. So i actually am interested in kristen wardley again. He might be flipped. But i think this is a great season to kind of test things out Presumably back in boston. Why not just switched lineup. Done so those are a Members of nights shopping lists. If if i could alex the number one need for the celtics. This off season is the number one needs in celtics. This off season is a capable bench or fifth starter ball handler Shoot may way evan. For gay specifically but I think that's the biggest role is shock creation playing a game at somebody who can Hit a three off the dribble a gwen. The number one biggest of celtics. I'm mostly agree with it. But i i do feel that. They need to have some pets ability. I am elesse adamant about the need for passive on this than i had been just because we have started to see tatum. Really take on more point forward. Roll if evan forty combat with get that but if he doesn't than someone like lenience junior saying several times in the last several guests about how we also need someone who's kinda more up on the wing of three four hydrogen been talking about is while as ball han while entering in distribution can be the same person that is really who i admire. I think he'd be very good. Fit for that role. Yeah i think probably. I'm an agreement that a ball handler combo guard. And or to help a wing would be cool. I do think that we should have done this at the top and then talk about the name on our list but whenever i think patty mills is really bad. Defense it'd be scraps but he's not very good defense but if you're bringing daca you're trying to build an offense with someone from the spurs and without a traditional quarterback point guard breaking in Experience might be nice even as a bridge. So i don't know if it'll happen. Patty mills and by extension regain would be interesting fence. Just one more made to keep an eye on that. I just bruce's growing through my phone saw report about Breasts ordered the at least somewhat interested in exploring spencer witty as possible acquisition If he if the celtics could get dinwiddie at a reasonable price. Point and keep marcus smart. That would be your back court. And i think that that would be pretty functional..

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