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President trump is doing an about face on an idea that jump start the economy and in the process abandons plans to put more money in your pocket cutting payroll taxes no longer under consideration payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that for that very much affects the workers of our country I was comments just a couple of days ago well why the backtrack well according to the president the United States economy does not need a kick in the pants it's already pretty strong part of the reasoning may be coming from some pretty ugly numbers emanating from the Congressional Budget Office which says it expects the federal deficit to top one trillion dollars in the next fiscal year that is the head of prior expectations well the feds say he ran the Massachusetts state police union like an old time mob boss taking money as though it were her all his own personal piggy bank Dino Coleman the former union president pleads not guilty to federal corruption and obstruction charges this is U. S. attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Wellings since the union's primary source of income is the dues of its members Pullman essentially took money from the pockets of fellow state police also charged in that scheme Beacon Hill lobbyist and led to prosecutors say pay Bollman kick backs when he hired her firm now if convicted both of them could face thirty years behind bars and congressman Seth Moulton reaches across the aisle in hopes of reaching people suffering from mental illness he is leading a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to get a dedicated hotline on the books were closed at the bipartisan bill with the fellow patrons from across the aisle used to have one single nationwide hotline for anyone who has a mental health issue that hotline.

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